{"request":"GET","status":"success","method":"glossary","elapsed":"251ms","message":"","code":200,"data":{"K":[{"title":"Kaitukumahi","description":"Employer","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u014dkiri t\u016bao","description":"Ina puta mai he ari\u0101 ki a koe, ka whakatinanatia e koe me te kore e tatari kia k\u012bia kia p\u0113r\u0101 e t\u0113tahi atu, kia tonoa r\u0101nei kia p\u0113r\u0101. Hei tauira, t\u0113tahi ratonga koreutu n\u0101 ng\u0101 t\u016bao utukore ki te whakarato kai wera ki te hunga kaum\u0101tua i te hapori. ","secondary_description":"If you get an idea, you strive to achieve it without waiting for approval, or being requested to do so. For example, a non-profit service owned by non-paid volunteers who provide a hot food service to the elderly in the community."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 kaikonihi p\u016btea taurewa ","description":"Ko t\u0101 ng\u0101 kaikonihi p\u016btea taurewa he tuku tere i ng\u0101 moni, ka mutu ka whiwhi tangetange i a koe. Ko te tikanga, tino teitei ng\u0101 p\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni, me utu an\u014d te p\u016btea i te w\u0101 poto. Me p\u0101nui i ng\u0101 kuputuhi i ng\u0101 w\u0101 katoa, me te tuku p\u0101tai. He t\u0101rore t\u014d te tuku moni tere i ng\u0101 w\u0101 katoa. ","secondary_description":"Predatory Lenders are quick to lend money, and exhaust your funds in the end. You will recieve a high interest rate that needs to be paid in a shortened amount of time. You should always read all of the conditions, and ask questions. Quick money lending is always a trap."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 k\u0101inga okioki","description":"Ko te k\u0101inga okioki he w\u0101hi e nuku ai koe ina ahungarua, ina hiahia tautoko me ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata whakahoa. Ko te tikanga, he r\u016bma motuhake, he huinga r\u016bma motuhake r\u0101nei t\u014d ia tangata, takirua r\u0101nei E whakaratohia ana ng\u0101 whakaurunga t\u0101piri - ka whai w\u0101hi pea ki \u0113nei ko ng\u0101 w\u0101hi kai, ng\u0101 w\u0101hi hui, ng\u0101 mahi a te r\u0113hia, me te tiaki hauora.","secondary_description":"A rest home is a place where you move as you move through old age, or if you need support from other suitalbe people. You should have a separate room, or a collective of separate rooms for each person. Other facilities are provided, these may include places to eat, places to gather, places to entertain, and to care for your health."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 kaituku moni taurewa","description":"Ko \u0113nei ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata, ng\u0101 pakihi, ng\u0101 p\u0113ke r\u0101nei e hoatu taurewa ana i te moni ki a koe. Ka nui te taurangitanga o ng\u0101 p\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni ka utaina.","secondary_description":"These are people, business or banks that loan money to you. The interest rate on a loan varies greatly."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 kaiwhaip\u0101nga","description":"Ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata matua, r\u014dp\u016b matua r\u0101nei kua whai p\u0101nga ki t\u0113tahi kaupapa, pakihi, whakahaere r\u0101nei. \r\n\r\n","secondary_description":"Key individuals, or groups relevant to a project, business, or operation."},{"title":"K\u014dwhiringa","description":"Choice, option","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u0101ri Kapewhiti","description":"Cashflow card","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaipupurutanga","description":"Ownership","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaitirotiro hangatanga m\u0101raurau","description":"Qualified building inspector","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaitohutohu ahumoni","description":"Financial advisor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u014dkiri p\u0101pori","description":"Community Scheme","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato pena","description":"Conservative investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato tipu","description":"Growth investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato t\u014dtika","description":"Balanced investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato tuki","description":"Aggressive investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato t\u016bpato","description":"Defensive investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiutu t\u0101ke","description":"Taxpayer","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaupae","description":"Step","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kohi \u0101-whare","description":"Household consumption","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kuhunga K\u0101inga Iti","description":"Tiny Homes Movement","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u014dwhiringa ahumoni whaiaro","description":"Personal financial option","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaimino","description":"Ko te kaimino he tangata ka mino i t\u0113tahi mea i t\u0113tahi atu, ko t\u014dna koronga kia whakahokia atu. Hei tauira, he kaimino koe ki te mino moni koe i \u0113tahi o te wh\u0101nau, i t\u0113tahi p\u0113ke, i t\u0113tahi kamupene tuku moni taurewa r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"A borrower is a person that takes and uses something belonging to someone else with the intention of returning it. For example, you are a borrower if you borrow money from the wh\u0101nau, the bank or a company that lends a loan."},{"title":"Kaing\u0101kautia","description":"Passionate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato p\u016btea","description":"Investor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Kaiwhakat\u0101rewa","description":"Lender","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u012b hihiko","description":"Motivational meme","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u012b horip\u016b","description":"Quote","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ko whea koe","description":"Where are you","secondary_description":null},{"title":"K\u014data moana","description":"Sea glass","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Koiora","description":"Life","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Konganuku marihi","description":"Precious metal","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Korew\u0101tea","description":"Not available","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Koha","description":"He koha, takoha r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"A gift or donation."},{"title":"Kaipupuri hea","description":"Ko te tangata n\u014dna \u0113tahi hea o t\u0113tahi kamupene. ","secondary_description":"An individual that owns shares of a company."},{"title":"Kaitakawaenga","description":"Ko te kaitakawaenga he tangata takawaenga m\u014d te hunga hoko mai me te hunga hoko atu. Utua ai he tiringa ki ng\u0101 kaitakawaenga. He \u014drau t\u0113r\u0101 o te utu hoko mai, te utu hoko atu r\u0101nei. Ka taea pea te whakamahi te kaitakawaenga mehemea e hoko ana koe i t\u0113tahi mahi toi, t\u0113tahi poti, he r\u012banga, mehemea e hoko mai ana, e hoko atu ana r\u0101nei i te rawa whenua. ","secondary_description":"A mediator, is a person who mediates between the purchaser and the seller. Mediators are paid a commission. That is a percentage of the purchase or selling price. A mediator might be used if you purchase artwork, a boat, insurance, if you are buying or selling land property."},{"title":"Kaituku ","description":"Ko te tangata, te whakahaere r\u0101nei e hoatu taurewa ana te moni ki a koe. ","secondary_description":"An individual or organisation that credits you money."},{"title":"Kaiwhakarato ","description":"He kamupene e whakarato ana i ng\u0101 ratonga me ng\u0101 hua ahumoni ki a koe. Hei tauira, ka whakahaere ng\u0101 kaiwhakarato KiwiSaver i \u014d p\u016btea KiwiSaver, ka whakarato te kamupene r\u012banga i ng\u0101 kaupapahere.","secondary_description":"A company that provides you with a service and financial benefit. For example, the KiwiSaver provider manages your KiwiSaver funds, an insurance company provides a service for policies."},{"title":"K\u0101ri moni tango","description":"He tino rite te k\u0101ri moni tango ki t\u0113tahi k\u0101ri EFTPOS: kei te honoa ki t\u0113tahi o \u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke kia taea ai te whakamahi hei whakapau moni i ng\u0101 toa. M\u0101 te k\u0101ri moni tango e \u0101hei te whakapau i ng\u0101 moni kei roto i t\u014d p\u016btea - k\u0101ore e taea te utu i te rahinga neke atu i t\u0113r\u0101 kei t\u014d p\u016btea. He rerek\u0113 i ng\u0101 k\u0101ri EFTPOS n\u0101 te mea ka taea te whakamahi i te k\u0101ri moni tango m\u014d te hokonga me ng\u0101 utunga tuihono.","secondary_description":" The debit card is just like an EFTPOS card: it is connected to one of your bank accounts to allow access to spend in shops. "},{"title":"K\u0101ri taurewa","description":"Ka whakamahia ana koe i te k\u0101ri taurewa e whakapau moni ana k\u0101ore i a koe. E tuku ana te p\u0113ke kia mino moni koe tae atu ki t\u0113tahi rahinga kua whakaaetia kia utu ai i \u0113tahi mea, engari me utu an\u014d taua moni i roto i te w\u0101 kua whakaritea. Ki te kore e utua an\u014d \u0101 mua i te paunga o te r\u0101 kati, ka utaina he huamoni e te p\u0113ke. ","secondary_description":"When you use a credit card you are spending money you don't have. The bank allows you to borrow money to a set limit to purchase items, but you must repay that money within a set period. If you do not repay it before the final day, the bank adds interest."},{"title":"Kaupapa","description":"He p\u016btea, he huinga p\u016btea r\u0101nei e whakahaeretia ana e t\u0113tahi kaiwhakarato p\u0113r\u0101 i KiwiSaver.","secondary_description":"A fund or collection of funds managed by a provider like KiwiSaver."},{"title":"Kaupapahere","description":"Te kirimana \u0101-tuhi i waenga i a koe me t\u014d kamupene r\u012banga. ","secondary_description":"A written contract between you and the insurance company."},{"title":"Kiritaki","description":"Ina hoko taonga, ratonga r\u0101nei he kiritaki koe, n\u0101 te mea ka whakapeto koe i \u0113r\u0101, ka whakamahi r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"If you purchase a product or service you are a consumer, because you consume or use them."}],"P":[{"title":"Puna","description":"Source","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Pae paremata","description":"Margin of return","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Paheketanga ohaoha","description":"Recession","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga \u0101-huamoni","description":"Rate of interest","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni","description":"Interest rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga \u014drau \u0101-tau","description":"Annual percentage rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga t\u0101ke \u0101-taumata","description":"Progressive tax rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga taurangi","description":"Floating\/variable rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga whakawhiti","description":"Exchange rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Parahau","description":"Justify","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Parematatanga","description":"Returns","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Piti","description":"Bid","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Poronga t\u0101ke","description":"Tax cut","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Porowhiu","description":"Disposable","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Paearu","description":"Criteria, standards","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Puna moni whiwhi","description":"Sources of income","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Puringa moni ukauka","description":"Cash holdings","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016brongo kaihanga whare","description":"Builders report","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016brongo m\u0101tauranga","description":"Academic record","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Purongo r\u0113hita w\u0101riutanga","description":"Registered valuation reportv","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Paearu mahi","description":"Performance criteria","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101nga","description":"Consequence","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni moni taurewa k\u0101inga","description":"Home loan interest rate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Pitomata v toroh\u016b","description":"Potential","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016bkete penapena","description":"Savings account","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016brawa","description":"Capital","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Puna moni whiwhi ahumoni whaiaro","description":"Personal financial income sources","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u0113ke ","description":"Ko ng\u0101 p\u0113ke ng\u0101 w\u0101hi e tiaki ana i \u0101u moni m\u014du, me te \u0101whina i a koe ki te penapena. Ko t\u0101 r\u0101tou he haumi me te hoatu taurewa, me te whakarato an\u014d hoki i te wh\u0101nuitanga o ng\u0101 ratonga ahumoni, p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 m\u014dkete me te r\u012banga.","secondary_description":"Banks are places where you can keep your money safe and where you are supported to save. They invest and give out loans, and provide a range of financial services, such as mortgages and insurance."},{"title":"Pakupaku","description":"Tiny","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Penapena","description":"Savings","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Penapena m\u014d te whainga","description":"Goal saving","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Piriahi","description":"Place of retirement","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Pitomata","description":"Potential","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016beru","description":"Fashion","secondary_description":null},{"title":"P\u016bmanawa","description":"Talent","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 p\u0101 okioki","description":"Ko te p\u0101 okioki he huinga k\u0101inga m\u014d ng\u0101 p\u0113perek\u014du e \u0101hei ai te nuinga i tiaki i a r\u0101tou an\u014d. E whakarato ana i ng\u0101 ngohe me ng\u0101 whai w\u0101hitanga ki te whakahoahoa. Ko te tikanga, m\u014d te noho i roto i aua p\u0101 me neke atu \u014d tau i t\u0113tahi tau kua whakaritea. Ka hoko ng\u0101 kainoho i \u014d r\u0101tou k\u0101inga me te utu i ng\u0101 utu \u0101-marama m\u014d ng\u0101 ratonga ka whakaratohia.","secondary_description":"A Retirement Village is a collective of homes for the elderly where the majority can care for themselves. Activities are provided, and opportunities to socialise. Individuals need to be older than a certain age to live here. The individuals purchase their homes and pay monthly fees for the services provided."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 p\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni","description":"Koia te \u014drau huamoni ka utaina ina mino moni koe, ka whiwhi k\u0113 r\u0101nei ina penapena moni. Hei tauira, m\u0113n\u0101 kua mino moni koe, \u0101, ko te utu huamoni he 5%, me utu te 5% o te tapeke i minoa e koe hei huamoni. Ka taea e ng\u0101 huringa iti ki aua utu ng\u0101 rerek\u0113tanga nunui ki te nama i roto i te w\u0101.","secondary_description":"This is the percentage of interest added to the money you borrow, or money you receive from saving. For example, if you have borrowed money, and the interest fee is 5%, you need to pay 5% of the money borrowed as interest. Small changes to these costs can make big changes to the amount over time."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 penapena","description":"Koia te moni (moni whiwhi) k\u0101ore koe i te whakapau. Ka \u0101hei te penapena m\u0101 te kuku moni ki t\u0113tahi p\u016btea p\u0113ke, m\u0101 te haumi r\u0101nei. Hei tauira, ka whai w\u0101hi an\u014d hoki ki te penapena te hoko rawa ina whakahekea te utu, te hoko taonga r\u0101nei n\u0101 te tangata k\u0113 i mua.","secondary_description":"This is the money (income) you do not use. You can save by keeping money in a bank account, or by investing. For example, you can save through purchasing assets that have a lowered cost, or purchase previously owned goods from others."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 p\u016btea whakatipu","description":"He p\u016btea e whakahaerehia ana e te r\u014dp\u016b m\u0101tanga ka haumi i \u014d moni m\u0101 ng\u0101 \u0101hua rerek\u0113, p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 hea, ng\u0101 here, te moni ukauka r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"Funds that are managed by a group of experts that invest your money in different ways, such as shares, bonds or cash."},{"title":"Painga","description":"Ng\u0101 motika motuhake, ng\u0101 huanga r\u0101nei \u014d \u0113tahi r\u014dp\u016b i te p\u0101pori.","secondary_description":"The special rights or benefits of a group in a community."},{"title":"PIN","description":"He tau tuakiri whaiaro te PIN i hoatu ki a koe ka taea ai te whakamahi i t\u014d k\u0101ri \u2013 p\u0113nei i te k\u0101ri EFTPOS, te k\u0101ri moni tango r\u0101nei. He mea nui kia kaua koe e wh\u0101ki atu i t\u014d PIN ki t\u0113tahi atu, ki \u014d hoa ranei.","secondary_description":"A Personal Identification Number is a financial identity number given to you to enable the use of your card, such as a EFTPOS card, or a money withdrawing card. It is important that you dont inform anyone, or a friend of your PIN.t"},{"title":"Penihana","description":"Ka utua auautia he moni whiwhi ki t\u0113tahi tangata whakat\u0101 neke atu i te 65 \u014dna tau e te k\u0101wanatanga, e t\u0113tahi kaupapa penihana r\u0101nei","secondary_description":"A frequent payment of income for an individual in retirement, older than 65 years old from the government or pension scheme"},{"title":"Pepa utu","description":"Ko t\u0101 te pepa utu mai i t\u014d kaitukumahi he whakaatu i t\u014d utu peke, me ng\u0101 utu kua tangohia, kua t\u0101piritia r\u0101nei ki t\u014d utu mahi, \u0101, e hia t\u014d utu more. Ka whakaatu an\u014d ng\u0101 pepa utu i te nui o te w\u0101 ka taea hei w\u0101 hararei, me te maha o ng\u0101 r\u0101 m\u0101uiui e whakaaetia ana m\u0101u me te kore e whakahapa utu mahi.","secondary_description":"A payslip from your employer shows you gross income and the deductions made, or added to your work pay, and how much your net pay is. Also displayed on your payslip is your vacation leave, sick days allowance leave without pay deductions"},{"title":"P\u016brongo moni taurewa ","description":"He p\u016brongo kei roto ko ng\u0101 m\u014dhiohio m\u014d te whakatauranga o t\u014du kaha ki te utu nama, o t\u014du whakahaere r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"A report that details your repayment or management of debt owed."},{"title":"P\u016btea ohotata","description":"He rahinga p\u016btea kua t\u012bkapea m\u014d te w\u0101 ohotata. Ko t\u0101na he utu i ng\u0101 nama m\u0113n\u0101 ka h\u0113 haere t\u0113tahi mea p\u0113nei i te ngaro o t\u014d mahi, t\u0113tahi m\u0101uiuitanga, ng\u0101 utunga ohorere p\u0113r\u0101 i te nama rata niho, te nama whakatika waka r\u0101nei. Ko te rahinga e marohi nei m\u0101tou m\u014d te p\u016btea ohotata ko te tapeke o \u014d utunga m\u014d te toru marama.","secondary_description":"An emergency fund are funds set aside for emergencies. It is for paying bills when you lose your job, get sick, or for emergency costs such as visiting the dentist, or repairing a car. The amount reccomended to save in an emergency fund is the total of your expenses for three months."},{"title":"P\u016btea p\u0113ke ","description":"He p\u016bkete te p\u016btea p\u0113ke o te rahi o t\u014d moni i te p\u0113ke, e hia kua kuhuna e koe (\u014d moni kuhu) me te rahi kua tangohia e koe (\u014d moni tango). Ko te tikanga neke atu i te p\u016btea p\u0113ke kotahi t\u014d te tangata. Hei tauira, ka whai p\u016btea p\u0113ke pea m\u014d \u0101na utunga o ia r\u0101 p\u0113r\u0101 i te kai me te r\u0113ti, me t\u0113tahi atu m\u014d \u0101na penapena.","secondary_description":"A bank fund is an account of the amount of money in your bank, how much you have deposited and the amount withdrawn. An individual should have more than one account. For example, a bank fund can be opened for daily spendings such as food, rent and others for saving."},{"title":"P\u016btea penapena","description":"He p\u016btea p\u0113ke te p\u016btea penapena e kuhu ai koe i \u014d moni penapena. E tuku ana kia whakaputu koe i \u014d penapena, \u0101, e utu huamoni ana te p\u0113ke ki te tapeke (me te huamoni whakaputu ki te kore koe e whakaheke i t\u014d tapeke).","secondary_description":"A savings fund is a bank fund to deposit your savings. Money is deposited to save and banks add interest to the sum (they also add interest to the deposit of the sum is not deducted)."},{"title":"P\u016btea penihana o Aotearoa","description":"Ko te p\u016btea penihana te utu \u0101-wiki e tukuna ana e te k\u0101wanatanga ki ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata m\u0101raurau katoa o Aotearoa neke atu i te 65 \u014d r\u0101tou tau, ki te \u0101whina ki te utu i ng\u0101 utu waiwai o te noho.","secondary_description":"Pension fund is the weekly amount the Government deposits to all eligible 65 year olds in New Zealand, to assist with the essential costs of living."},{"title":"P\u016btea taunoa","description":"Tirohia te 'p\u016btea taunoa Kiwisaver'","secondary_description":"Check out the KiwiSaver default fund."},{"title":"P\u016btea taunoa KiwiSaver ","description":"Ina huaki koe i te p\u016btea KiwiSaver, ka honoa aunoatia koe ki t\u0113tahi p\u016btea taunoa, tae r\u0101 an\u014d kia \u0101ta k\u014dwhiri koe i te p\u016btea e hiahia ai koe ki te t\u016bhono. ","secondary_description":"If you open a KiwiSaver, you will automatically enter a default fund, until you choose to join the fund you want."},{"title":"P\u016btea taurewa ","description":"Koia te rahi o te moni ka mino koe m\u014d te w\u0101 ka whakaritea. ","secondary_description":"This is the amount you borrow for a designated time."},{"title":"P\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga","description":"Ki te whakatau koe ki te whai akoranga atu ina wehe atu i te kura, ka \u0101hei te mino moni i te k\u0101wanatanga hei utu i ng\u0101 utunga akoranga p\u0113nei i ng\u0101 whakaakoranga, ng\u0101 pukapuka me ng\u0101 rawa, me ng\u0101 utunga noho.","secondary_description":"If you decide to further your education after leaving school, you are able to borrow money from the government to pay for your tuition costs such as your classes, textbooks, assets and renting or dwelling costs."},{"title":"P\u016btea Whakahaere Rawa","description":"He tangata, he kamupene r\u0101nei kua k\u014dwhiri koe ki te whakahaere i \u014d rawa m\u014du. Ko t\u0113nei mea te rawa he mea whai uara e piki ai te uara i te roanga o te w\u0101. Ko \u0113tahi tauira ko ng\u0101 rawa whenua, ng\u0101 hea, ng\u0101 p\u016btea penapena ka whiwhi huamoni, me ng\u0101 here. Ko te tikanga ka hurihia \u0113nei hei moni ukauka ki te hiahiatia. Ko ng\u0101 rawa (p\u0113nei i te whare) te tauaro o ng\u0101 taunaha (p\u0113nei i te nama k\u0101ri taurewa)","secondary_description":"An individual or company that you have chosen to manage your assets. An asset has value that will increase in value over time. Examples include land assets, shares, saving funds that receive interest, and bonds. These assets can be exchanged for cash if wanted. Assets (such as a house) are opposite of claims (such as loan debt)."}],"":[{"title":"\u0100hua-\u0101-mahi","description":"Technique","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u0100whina","description":"Giving support, helping, assisting, befriending, providing moral support.","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u0100heitanga Ahumoni","description":"Financial Capabilities","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u014changa wh\u0101tuitui \u0101-ao","description":"Global economic network","secondary_description":null}],"A":[{"title":"Ahotea","description":"Stress","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u0100huatanga t\u016braru \u0101-waho","description":"External risk factor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u0100huatanga \u0101-waho o te ao \/ Ao wh\u0101nui","description":"External global factors","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Arawai parahanga","description":"Polluted waterway","secondary_description":null},{"title":"\u0100huatanga ahumoni whanok\u0113","description":"Financial unpredictability","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Awenga \u0101-R\u014dp\u016b","description":"Peer or group influence","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Aweawe","description":"Influence","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Atamai","description":"Smart, intelligent","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Arowhai","description":"To check or track","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Aroturuki","description":"To monitor","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Anip\u0101","description":"Anxiety","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Anamata","description":"Future","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Aromatawai whakawhanake","description":"Formative assessment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 aweawe","description":"Ko ng\u0101 aweawe ng\u0101 mea e aweawe ana i \u014d k\u014dwhiringa me t\u014d whanonga. He maha ng\u0101 mea ka aweawe pea i a koe - tae atu ki \u014d hoa, t\u014d wh\u0101nau me te hapori, te arap\u0101ho, te k\u0101wanatanga ranei. Ka utua ng\u0101 kaiaweawe e ng\u0101 p\u0101hopori ki te whakat\u012btina i a koe ki te hoko i \u0113tahi parani, tuemi r\u0101nei.","secondary_description":"Influences are things which influence your choices and behaviours. There are many things that may influence you - including your friends, your family, community, media or the government. Influencers are paid by social media to encourage you to purchase a range of brands or items."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga whakamaru","description":"He \u0101whina ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga whakamaru i a koe kia t\u016b pakari i ng\u0101 panonitanga o te ora, i ng\u0101 w\u0101 e h\u0113 haere \u0113tahi mea. Hei tauira, te p\u016bnaha taut\u0101whi o t\u014d wh\u0101nau, te whai ture me ng\u0101 rohenga m\u0101rama. Ko t\u014d m\u014dhiotanga me \u014d p\u016bkenga ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga whakamaru ka \u0101whina i a koe.","secondary_description":"Protection conditions help you to remain confidently when health changes occur and when times are tough. For example, your family support system, being law abiding and understanding your boundaries. Your knowledge and skills are the protection conditions that will assist you."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga oha-pori","description":"Ko \u0113nei ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga p\u0101pori me te \u014dhanga e waihanga ana i t\u014d hauora ahumoni. Kei roto pea i \u0113nei ko t\u014d moni whiwhi, t\u014d m\u0101tauranga, t\u014d whai mahi me t\u014d t\u016bnga","secondary_description":"These are social and economic conditions which grow your financial health. They might include your income, your education, your career and position."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 \u0101huatanga noho","description":"Ko \u014d ritenga me ng\u0101 \u0101hua noho he t\u014dtika, he kino pea r\u0101nei te aweawenga ki t\u014d hauora me t\u014d oranga. Kei roto i \u0113nei ko ng\u0101 ritenga p\u0113nei i te kai hauora, te whakapakari tinana, me ng\u0101 take p\u0113nei i te momi hikareti, te inu waipiro, te kai whakap\u014dauau r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"Your habits and living conditions may directly influence or negatively impact on your health or wellbeing."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 \u0101heinga r\u0101 m\u0101uiui","description":"Te maha o ng\u0101 r\u0101 e kore ai koe e haere ki te mahi n\u0101 te m\u0101uiui me te kore e tango moni i t\u014d utu mahi. ","secondary_description":"The number of days you are exempt from going to work because you are ill and will not receive a loss of pay."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 \u0101heinga hararei","description":"Te maha o ng\u0101 r\u0101 e \u0101hei ai te kore haere ki te mahi, te hararei r\u0101nei. \r\n\r\n","secondary_description":"The number of agreed upon days you do not have to attend work or can go on holiday."},{"title":"Te \u0100heitanga Ahumoni","description":"Ua i \u014d moni; te m\u014dhio ki te whiwhi moni, ki te whakarea i \u014d moni, ki te tiaki i \u014d moni me te penapena moni.","secondary_description":"Your money; understanding income, multiplying your money, saving your money and investing your money."},{"title":"Awhero","description":"Ambition","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Auau","description":"Often\/Frequent","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Atawhai","description":"Caring","secondary_description":null}],"E":[{"title":"E ahu atu ana","description":"Moving towards","secondary_description":null},{"title":"e-tauhokohoko (e-hoko)","description":"e-commerce","secondary_description":null}],"H":[{"title":"Hauhau","description":"Ventilation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 hea","description":"Ko \u0113nei ng\u0101 w\u0101hanga iti o t\u0113tahi kamupene ka \u0101hei koe te hoko mai. Ka taea e te tangata, ng\u0101 r\u014dp\u016b, ng\u0101 pakihi r\u0101nei te hoko hea. Ina hoko hea mai i t\u0113tahi kamupene, n\u014du t\u0113tahi w\u0101hanga iti o taua kamupene. ","secondary_description":"A share is a small unit of a company that you can purchase. An individual, a group or a business can purchase a share. If you purchase a share in a company, you own a small portion of that company."},{"title":"Hiahia","description":"A want that is non essential ","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hoa Noho","description":"Flatmates","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hoto Akoranga","description":"Tenancy Services","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Huakino","description":"Disadvantage, cons, negatives","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Huapai","description":"Advantage, pros, positives","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hoko t\u0101pui","description":"Layby","secondary_description":null},{"title":"H\u0101ng\u016b","description":"Passive","secondary_description":null},{"title":"He Kaipupuru Pakihi","description":"He tangata n\u0101na an\u014d te rangat\u014dp\u016b e hoko taonga atu ana, e hoko ratonga atu r\u0101nei kia whai moni hua. ","secondary_description":"The owner of an entity that sells products or services to gain a profit."},{"title":"Haumitanga h\u0101ngai","description":"Direct investment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Haumitanga t\u012btaha","description":"Indirect investment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hea-p\u016bmau","description":"Stocks","secondary_description":null},{"title":"H\u012braurau","description":"Solution \/ solve","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hiwa","description":"Active","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hoko-t\u014dmua","description":"Pre-purchase","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hekenga uara\/w\u0101riu","description":"Depreciates","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hunga whai pakihi","description":"Business owner","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hangarewa k\u014daro","description":"Mould","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Haumako","description":"Rich","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Haumaru","description":"Safe","secondary_description":null},{"title":"He Kaiwhakarato P\u016btea","description":"He tangata r\u0101nei, he rangat\u014dp\u016b r\u0101nei ka whakauru moni ki \u0113tahi kaupapa ahumoni, he rawa te mea, te mea me te tumanako ka whai hua moni. ","secondary_description":"An individual or entity that invests money into certain financial ventures, assets etc with the hope of gaining a profit."},{"title":"He Kaiwhakat\u0101rewa","description":"He tangata r\u0101nei, he rangat\u014dp\u016b r\u0101nei ka whakat\u0101rewa p\u016btea ki t\u0113tahi kaitono. ","secondary_description":"An individual or entity that loans funds to an applicant."},{"title":"Hongehonge\u0101","description":"Bored","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hunga mahi","description":"Employee","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hunga mahi \u0101-kiritanga","description":"Self employed","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Hahanaha","description":"Tidy","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Haumi","description":"Koin\u0101 te tuku moni ki t\u0113tahi mea ko te t\u016bmanako ka piki t\u014dna uara i roto i te w\u0101 me te aha ka whiwhi moni atu an\u014d. Ko \u0113tahi tauira ko te tuku moni ki te rawa whenua, ki ng\u0101 here, ki t\u0113tahi pakihi, ki ng\u0101 hea r\u0101nei. \r\n\r\n","secondary_description":"That's money invested into something that you hope the value rises within a period and as a result you receive extra money. Some examples are money invested into land assets, bonds, a business or shares."},{"title":"Haumitanga","description":"Koin\u0101 te tuku moni ki t\u0113tahi mea ko te t\u016bmanako ka piki t\u014dna uara i roto i te w\u0101 me te aha ka whiwhi moni atu an\u014d. Ko \u0113tahi tauira ko te hoko rawa whenua, to hoko hea i t\u0113tahi pakihi, te hoko k\u014dura r\u0101nei.","secondary_description":" Investing money into something that you hope the value rises within a certain period and as a result you receive extra money. Some examples are purchasing land property, shares in a business or gold."},{"title":"H\u012btori p\u016btea","description":"He aromatawai, whakaw\u0101 r\u0101nei o t\u014d h\u012btori p\u016btea, me te t\u016bponotanga ka whakawhirinakihia koe ki te moni. H\u012btori p\u016b. ","secondary_description":"An assessment or investigation of your financial history to potentially recieve funds."},{"title":"Hoko putuputu ","description":"He momo hoko taonga te hoko putuputu ina riro i a koe aua tanga inamata, \u0101, ka utua \u0101 muri atu. Ko te tikanga ka utua he moni kuhu, \u0101, me utu i ng\u0101 utunga ia marama (kei roto ko te huamoni me ng\u0101 tiringa m\u014d te ratonga) m\u014d te roanga atu o te w\u0101 kua whakaritea. ","secondary_description":"A hire purchase is another way to purchase goods if you want a product now and need to pay for it in future instalments. Generally the deposit is paid, and you pay monthly costs (interest is included and fees for the service) over the duration of the period you have agreed."},{"title":"Hua","description":"Te moni ka utua e t\u0113tahi kamupene ki ona kaipupuri hea. E p\u016btakea mai ana ng\u0101 hua i te maha o \u014d hea. Hei tauira, m\u0113n\u0101 100 \u014d hea i roto i t\u0113tahi kamupene, \u0101, ka utua ko te $1 m\u014d ia hua hea, ka whiwhi koe i te $100. ","secondary_description":"Money that is paid by a company to its shareholders. This profit is based on the amount of shares (owned by shareholders). For example, if you own 100 shares in a company, and the price per share is $1, then you earn $100"},{"title":"Huamoni","description":"Interest %","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Huamoni whakaputu","description":"Compound interest%","secondary_description":null}],"M":[{"title":"M\u0101raurau","description":"Eligible","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 matea me ng\u0101 hiahia","description":"Ko \u0113nei mea ng\u0101 matea ng\u0101 rawa me ng\u0101 ratonga e matea ana e koe kia mahi pai ai, kia ora ai koe Kei roto i \u0113r\u0101 ko te kai, ng\u0101 k\u0101kahu, te whakamarutanga me te tiaki hauora. Ko ng\u0101 hiahia he rawa, he ratonga r\u0101nei ehara i waiwai, engari kei te hiahiatia, p\u0113r\u0101 i te papatohu k\u0113mu, ng\u0101 rei, t\u0113tahi hararei r\u0101nei.","secondary_description":"Needs are the assets and services you need to work well and to live well. Included in this are food, clothing, shelter and caring for your health. Wants are assets or provisions that are not essential, but are wanted, such as gaming consoles, personal pursuits, or holidays."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 moni tango","description":"Koinei ng\u0101 moni ka tangohia i t\u014d p\u016bkete. Hei tauira, te moni ka tangohia e koe m\u0101 te ATM ","secondary_description":"These are the funds that are withdrawn from your account. For example the money you withdraw from an ATM."},{"title":"Mahi hamanga","description":"Part-time job","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Matea","description":"An essential need","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni kuhu","description":"Ko te moni ka kuhuna ki t\u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke, hei tauira, \u014d utu m\u014d \u014d mahi, te moni r\u0101nei ka kuhu koe ki roto i t\u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke. ","secondary_description":"Money that is deposited into your bank account, for example your payments from work or the money you deposit into your bank."},{"title":"Moni Here","description":"Bond money","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni K\u012b ","description":"Key money","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Mahi waimori","description":"Casual work","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Manarite-kore","description":"Inequality","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Manga","description":"Drainage","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 m\u0101tanga ahumoni ","description":"Koinei ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata e tono tohutohu ai koe. He nui \u014d r\u0101tou m\u014dhiotanga m\u014d te whakamahere me te whakahaere ahumoni, m\u014d ng\u0101 ratonga me ng\u0101 hua ahumoni an\u014d hoki. Hei tauira, ko \u0113nei pea he tangata i te p\u0113ke, he kaitohutohu mahere p\u016btea r\u0101nei.","secondary_description":"These are the individuals you can ask for advice. They have a depth of knowlege on planning and budgeting finances as well as providers and financial benefit. For example, they could be individuals in a bank, or a budgeting advisor. "},{"title":"Matatika","description":"Ethics","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni kuhu t\u016bmau","description":"Term deposit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni Taurewa Huamoni Anake","description":"Interest Only Loan","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni Taurewa Takahuri","description":"Revolving Loan","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni Taurewa T\u016btohi","description":"Table Loan","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni Taurewa Whakaheke","description":"Reducing or Non-Table Loan","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Maru ahumoni","description":"He momo haumarutanga \u0101-ahumoni te maru ahumoni, i takea mai i ng\u0101 huarawa on\u0101ianei, he huinga huarawa r\u0101nei. He kirimana whai mana i waenga i ng\u0101 r\u014dp\u016b e 2 neke atu r\u0101nei. Ka whakaiti t\u016braru t\u0113nei momo whakahaere t\u016braru m\u0101 te whakamahi i ng\u0101 huarawa o n\u0101ianei hei whakaineine i te ngarohanga pea. Ko ng\u0101 huarawa p\u0113nei i ng\u0101 hea-p\u016bmau, i ng\u0101 moni here te aha, te aha. ","secondary_description":"A derivative is a type of financial security, derived from an existing asset or set of assets. It is a legal contract between 2 or more parties. This type of risk management reduces risk by utilising existing assets as a way to offset potential loss. Such assets include stocks, bonds, etc."},{"title":"Moni whiwhi p\u016bmau","description":"Regular income","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni whiwhi toroh\u016b","description":"Potential income","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Mahere p\u016btea ","description":"He mahere hei \u0101whina i t\u014d whakahaere i t\u014d moni whiwhi me \u014d whakapaunga, i t\u014d penapena moni an\u014d hoki. Ko t\u0101na he whakaatu i te nui o ng\u0101 moni e tau mai ana (moni whiwhi) me te nui e puta atu ana (ng\u0101 utu) i te roanga atu o t\u0113tahi w\u0101. ","secondary_description":"A plan to help you manage your earnings, expenditures, and youe savings as well."},{"title":"Mana Motuhake","description":"Independence","secondary_description":null},{"title":"M\u0101rehe","description":"Meticulous","secondary_description":null},{"title":"M\u0101taitanga","description":"Case study","secondary_description":null},{"title":"M\u0101t\u0101toa","description":"Adventure","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Mino","description":"Borrow","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moemanga","description":"Bedroom","secondary_description":null},{"title":"M\u014dheni","description":"Magazine","secondary_description":null},{"title":"M\u014dhiohio Whakarite","description":"Background Information","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni T\u0101rewa","description":"Credit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Te Moni Taurewa","description":"He mea \u0101hei te moni taurewa i te tangata tuku moni taurewa ki te tuku p\u016btea r\u0101nei, rawa r\u0101nei ki t\u0113tahi kaitono. Ka whakahokia t\u0113nei p\u016btea e te kaitono \u0101 t\u014dna w\u0101, heoi an\u014d ka whakaaea i runga i te tikanga utu nama, p\u0113nei i te huamoni me ng\u0101 momo utu \u0101-ratonga nei.","secondary_description":"A loan allows a loan provider to give money or resources to an applicant. This fund is returned by the applicant some time in the future, however it is agreed upon under a debt fee rule, like interest and other types of service fees."},{"title":"Mamahi","description":"Manpower","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Mahi p\u0113ke tuihono ","description":"M\u0101 te mahi p\u0113ke tuihono ka \u0101hei koe ki t\u014d moni mai i te rorohiko, i te p\u016brere matihiko r\u0101nei. Ka taea te whakamahi i te mahi p\u0113ke tuihono ki te neke i \u014d moni ki waenga p\u016btea, te utu i \u014d nama, te tono tohutohu moni, te utu moni ki t\u0113tahi atu, te mohio r\u0101nei ki te tapeke kei roto i t\u014d p\u016btea, \u014d p\u016btea r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"By using internet banking you can access your money from a computer or a digital device. You can use internet banking to shift your money between accounts."},{"title":"M\u0101kete hea","description":"Ko te m\u0101kete hea te w\u0101hi e hokohokotia ana ng\u0101 hea kamupene. Kei Aotearoa ko te NZX te w\u0101hi e hokohokotia ana ng\u0101 hea. Ko \u0113tahi atu m\u0101kete hea ko \u0113r\u0101 kei Niu Ioka me T\u014dkio.","secondary_description":"The share market is the place where company shares are bartered. In New Zealand, the NZX is the place where shares are bartered. Other share markets are those in New York and Tokyo. "},{"title":"M\u012bhini moni","description":"ATM","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Moni kuhu w\u0101 p\u016bmau","description":"Koia te moni e kuhu ana koe m\u014d te w\u0101 p\u016bmau, ko te tikanga m\u014d te 30 r\u0101 ki te 5 tau. Ki te hiahia kia whakahokia wawetia mai \u014d moni, t\u0113n\u0101 pea ka ngaro he w\u0101hanga o te huamoni i whiwhi hei whiunga. ","secondary_description":"This is money that you deposit for a fixed term, usually 30 days to 5 years. If you want your money returned earlier, you might lose part of the interest you recieved as a penalty."},{"title":"Moni kuhu w\u0101 roa","description":"Ko te moni kuhu w\u0101 roa ko te waiho i t\u0113tahi rahinga taimau i roto i t\u0113tahi p\u016btea p\u0113ke, hei tauira, m\u014d te 1, te 2 tau r\u0101nei. Ko te tikanga ka whiwhi i te p\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni teitei ake m\u014d te moni kuhu w\u0101 roa i t\u014d te moni kuhu w\u0101 poto. ","secondary_description":"A long term deposit is leaving a fixed amount of money in a bank account, for example for 1 or 2 years. Usually you recieve a higher interest rate for a long term deposit than that for a short term."},{"title":"Moni tango ","description":"Ko te moni tango he utu, he rahinga r\u0101nei kua utua atu i t\u0113tahi p\u016btea. ","secondary_description":"A debit is a cost or an amount paid by a fund."},{"title":"Moni Taurewa","description":"Ka tuku te moni taurewa i t\u0113tahi kaituku taurewa kia whakarato moni, rauemi r\u0101nei ki t\u0113tahi kaimino. Ka utua an\u014d t\u0113nei e te kaimino i t\u0113tahi w\u0101 o muri atu, me te t\u0101piri i ng\u0101 utu e whakaaetia ana p\u0113nei i te huamoni me ng\u0101 tiringa. He mea \u0101hei te moni taurewa i te tangata tuku moni taurewa ki te tuku p\u016btea r\u0101nei, rawa r\u0101nei ki t\u0113tahi kaitono. Ka whakahokia t\u0113nei p\u016btea e te kaitono \u0101 t\u014dna w\u0101, heoi an\u014d ka whakaea i runga i te tikanga utu nama, p\u0113nei i te huamoni me ng\u0101 momo utu \u0101-ratonga nei. ","secondary_description":"A loan is lended by a loan provider to provide money or resources to a borrower. A borrower will repay in the future, and includes addtitional agreed upon costs such as interest and fees. A loan allows an individual loan provider to lend funds or resources to an applicant. Overtime, this amount is repaid by the applicant, however this include agreed upon terms of payment, like interest and provider fees."},{"title":"Moni whiwhi","description":"Ng\u0101 mohi e tau mai ana p\u0113r\u0101 i \u014d utu \u0101-haora, \u014d penihana r\u0101nei. Ka utu t\u014d moni whiwhi i ng\u0101 mea e matea ana, e hiahiatia ana r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"Money that is recieved like wages or a pension. Your income pays for your needs or wants."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 mahi reanga maha","description":"He mahi e whai w\u0101hi ai ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata mai i ng\u0101 r\u014dp\u016b pakeke rerek\u0113, p\u0113nei i ng\u0101 tamariki haere kura e mahi tahi ana i te taha o ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata p\u0113perek\u014du.","secondary_description":"A job where a range of different ages work together, such as children in school working together with the elderly."}],"N":[{"title":"Nama","description":"Debt","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Te Nama","description":"Ka k\u012bia te k\u014drero e noho nama ana te tangata, ar\u0101, he moni hei whakahoki ki t\u0113tahi atu tangata, ki t\u0113tahi rangat\u014dp\u016b r\u0101nei. I te ao ahumoni, e rua ng\u0101 momo tangata nei, ar\u0101 ko te tangata noho nama, me te kaituku moni.","secondary_description":"It is well known that a person with debt such as money needs to return this to other people or entities. In the financial world, there are two types of people, in other words a person in debt and the lendor."},{"title":"Nama kino","description":"Ko te moni e mino koe hei hoko mea e heke ai te uara i muri i t\u0101u hokonga, p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 pouaka whakaata, ng\u0101 papatohu k\u0113mu, ng\u0101 hararei r\u0101nei. ","secondary_description":"Money you borrow to purchase something where the value deppreciates after purchasing, like a television, a playstation game, or a holiday."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 here","description":null,"secondary_description":null},{"title":"Namatohu","description":"Index","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Namatohu Utu Kaihoko","description":"Consumer Price Index (CPI)","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Namatohu Utu Kaihoko Waenga","description":"Wholesale Price Index (WPI)","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101kaunuitanga","description":"Commitment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Nohonga taratahi","description":"Quarantines","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101kau pai","description":"Positive","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101kau rorotu","description":"Optimistic","secondary_description":null}],"R":[{"title":"Rahinga nui ","description":"He utunga nui, w\u0101 kotahi o te moni e whakamahi ana koe ki te utu i t\u0113tahi nama, te haumi r\u0101nei ki t\u0113tahi p\u016btea. Hei tauira, ki te waiho ki a koe he moni ka taea te whakamahi i te w\u0101hanga rahi hei utu i t\u014d m\u014dkete.","secondary_description":"A large sum, where money is paid once towards a bill, or invested in a fund. For example, if you inherit money, the majority of it can be contributed towards your mortgage."},{"title":"Ritenga","description":"Habit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ritenga utu","description":"Asking price","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rawa p\u016bmau","description":"Real estate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rahinga Moni Taurewa Tahua More","description":"Principal Loan Amount","secondary_description":null},{"title":"R\u0113ti","description":"Rent","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rawa","description":"Asset \/ Property","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rangikiriata","description":"Netflix","secondary_description":null},{"title":"R\u012banga taonga whare","description":"Koia te r\u012banga e kapi ai ng\u0101 taonga whare kei t\u014d k\u0101inga, e utua ai hoki te t\u016bkino, te ngaromanga r\u0101nei ka t\u016bpono noa ki aua mea.","secondary_description":"An insurance that covers all the contents in your house, and pays if damage or loss occurs."},{"title":"R\u012banga","description":"He ara whakahaere t\u016braru i t\u014du ao. Ka t\u016bpono noa ng\u0101 mahi ohorere i t\u014du ao, \u0101, ka \u0101whina te ri\u0101nga te pare i a koe i te ngaromanga ahumoni ki te p\u0101 kinotia \u014d taonga, t\u014d hauora, t\u014d \u0101hei r\u0101nei ki te whiwhi moni. Hei tauira, ka \u0101hei te hoko r\u012banga m\u014d t\u014d whare me ng\u0101 rawa i roto, me t\u014d waka, kei t\u016bkinotia, kei ngaro r\u0101nei. M\u0113n\u0101 ka haere koe ki t\u0101w\u0101hi, ka pare te ri\u0101nga t\u0101poi i a koe i te w\u0101 kei t\u0101w\u0101hi.","secondary_description":"A method of managing risks in your life. Accidents are chance events and insurance can aid you in mitigating financial losses to your valuables, your health, or you receiving income. If you travel overseas, travel insurance covers you whilst overseas."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 Rawa","description":"He mea whai uara \u0101-p\u016btea e pupuruhia ana e t\u0113tahi rangat\u014dp\u016b, ka whai hua, ka whakamahi r\u0101nei, hei tauira ko te whai hua p\u016btea.","secondary_description":"A good or product that has financial value which is held by a corporation, to gain a profit or to use, for example to accrue funds."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 rawa me ng\u0101 ratonga ","description":"Ko ng\u0101 rawa ng\u0101 mea e hoko ana koe p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 h\u016b, k\u0101roti, t\u0113tahi waka r\u0101nei. Ko ng\u0101 ratonga ng\u0101 mahi e utu ai koe i te tangata kia mahi m\u014du, p\u0113r\u0101 i te kuti i \u014d makawe, te whakatika i \u014d niho, te whakarato hoki r\u0101nei ki t\u014d k\u0101inga.","secondary_description":"Assets are items you purchase, such as shoes or a car. Services are the cost of the work being completed for you, such as a haircut, dental work, or services to your home."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 ratonga mahere p\u016btea","description":"Ng\u0101 whakahaere ka \u0101whina i a koe ki te waihanga mahere hei whakahaere i t\u014d moni. ","secondary_description":"Management that aids you in creating a plan to manage your money."},{"title":"Te Rakahinongatanga","description":"Ko te rakahinongatanga te \u0101hei o te tangata ki te karawhiu, ki te k\u014dkiri tonu, \u0101, ahakoa ng\u0101 piki me ng\u0101 heke o te mahi pakihi, he m\u0101ia, he ng\u0101kau titikaha, he manawanui.","secondary_description":"Entrepreneurship is the ability for a person to carry on regardless, continuously pushing forward and no matter how hard the business job they are confident, committed and dedicated."},{"title":"R\u014dp\u016b whakahaere","description":"Organisation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"R\u0101wekeweke","description":"Experiment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rawatoi","description":"Medium","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ratonga","description":"Service","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rangat\u014dp\u016b","description":"Entity","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Rakahinonga","description":"Entrepreneurial","secondary_description":null}],"W":[{"title":"Whakaahu whakamua hangarau","description":"Technological advancement","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakaiti","description":"Ko te whakaiti i ng\u0101 t\u016braru, te pap\u0101nga, ng\u0101 p\u0101nga r\u0101nei o t\u0113tahi mea.","secondary_description":"Reducing risks or impact of something."},{"title":"Whakapaunga","description":"Ina whakapau moni, me te rahinga ka whakapaua.","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakapoapoa whai w\u0101hi","description":"Ko t\u0101na he whakatenatena i a koe kia whai w\u0101hi ki t\u0113tahi mahi. He moni, he paraihe pea te whakapoapoa.","secondary_description":"This is an incentive which encourages you to participate in the work. Money and prizes could be the incentive."},{"title":"Whakapuakanga","description":"Ko te whakapuakanga te hoatu m\u014dhiohio hou, t\u016bmataiti r\u0101nei ki ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata. T\u0113r\u0101 pea me whakarato m\u014dhiohio m\u014du an\u014d ki t\u0113tahi kamupene r\u012banga. Hei tauira, m\u0113n\u0101 kei te hoko r\u012banga hauora koe, me whakapuaki i \u014d m\u014dhiohio hauora katoa.","secondary_description":"A declaration is supplying new or private information to a person. Perhaps you need to provide information about yourself to an insurance company. For example, if you are purchasing health insurance, you need to declare all your health information."},{"title":"Whakat\u0101nga","description":"Koinei te w\u0101 e k\u014dwhiri ai koe kia mutu \u014d mahi whiwhi utu. Ka taea te whakat\u0101 ina rawaka t\u014d moni whiwhi ki te utu i t\u014d noho me te kore e mate ki te mahi.","secondary_description":"This is the time you choose to finish working for money. You can retire if you have sufficient income to pay for your lifestyle and won't worry about having to work."},{"title":"Whakatauranga o te kaha ki te utu nama","description":"He aromatawai, he whakaw\u0101 r\u0101nei m\u014d te t\u016bponotanga ka utua an\u014d te moni ki te minoa e koe. ","secondary_description":"An assessment or judgement about the probability to return the money you borrowed."},{"title":"Whakatekau ","description":"Utua ai e \u0113tahi mema o \u0113tahi h\u0101hi he whakatekau. Koia he \u014drautanga o t\u014d moni whiwhi ka utua ki te h\u0101hi i ia r\u0101 whiwhi utu mahi - ko te 10% te rahinga noa.","secondary_description":"Some church members pay a tithe portion. This is a percentage of your income that is paid to the church on pay day - which is a 10% amount."},{"title":"Whakatipuranga wh\u0101nautanga maha","description":"Ko roto i te whakatipuranga wh\u0101nautanga maha \u0113r\u0101 t\u0101ngata i wh\u0101nau mai i te 1946 ki te 1964. E k\u014drero ana te kupu 'whakatipuranga wh\u0101nautanga maha' ki te pikinga nui o ng\u0101 wh\u0101nautanga i muri i te mutunga o te Pakanga Tuarua o te Ao.","secondary_description":"The baby boomers era represents those people born between 1946 to 1964. The phrase 'baby boomers' speaks of the huge increase in births after the end of the Second World War."},{"title":"Whakawh\u0101nuitanga","description":"Ko t\u0113nei te hora i \u014d t\u016braru ina haumi koe i \u014d moni. T\u0113 hoko ai i te hea kotahi e $800 te uara, ka hoko k\u0113 i ng\u0101 hea e 80, ko te $10 te uara o ia hea, i ng\u0101 kamupene, ahumahi, whenua rerek\u0113 puta noa i te ao. Ka pai te mahi a \u0113tahi hea, k\u0101ore pea e pai te mahi a \u0113tahi atu, heoi an\u014d m\u0101 te hora i te t\u016braru k\u0101ore i ngaro \u014d moni katoa i te w\u0101 kotahi.","secondary_description":"This is the spread of your risk if you are investing your money. Not purchasing a single share at the value of $800, but instead purchasing 80 shares, at a value of $10 per share in companies, finance, different countries around the world. Some shares will do well and some will not, however by spreading the risk you will not loose all your money at once."},{"title":"Whatunga","description":"He r\u014dp\u016b tangata, \u0113tahi whakahaere r\u0101nei kei a r\u0101tou ng\u0101 kaing\u0101kau tiritiri ka tautoko t\u0113tahi i t\u0113tahi","secondary_description":"A group of people or some organisations that have a similar aspiration to support one another."},{"title":"Wira","description":"He pepa \u0101-ture e k\u012b ai koe i roto m\u0101 wai e whiwhi \u014d rawa, taonga r\u0101nei \u0101 muri i t\u014d matenga. ","secondary_description":"A legal paper\/document that states who will receive your assets or treasures after your death."},{"title":"Wh\u0101inga atamai","description":"SMART goals","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakaiti Huakino","description":"To minimise or mitigate negatives","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakamataaratanga","description":"Campaign (as in marketing or advertising)","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whanonga Kiritaki","description":"Consumer behaviour","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakahaere t\u016braru","description":"Ko te whakahaere t\u016braru te tautuhi i mua i ng\u0101 t\u016braru ka t\u016bpono me te whai i ng\u0101 mahi ki te whakaheke i aua t\u016baru. ","secondary_description":"Risk management is identifying a risk before it happens and following the actions to reduce those risks."},{"title":"Whakangungu","description":"Training","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakanui","description":"Maximise","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakapaunga ohorere","description":"Unexpected expenses","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakarato","description":"Supply","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakareretanga","description":"Inheritance","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakat\u014dp\u016b","description":"Consolidate","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whanok\u0113","description":"Unpredictable","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whare manat\u014dp\u016b","description":"Building society","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Waiwai","description":"Essential","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Waiwai-kore","description":"Non-essential","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakapakari mahi","description":"Career building","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakareka","description":"Treat","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakaw\u0101tea m\u0101tua whai utu","description":"Paid parental leave","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whatunga \u0101-ngaio (t\u016bhononga \u0101-ngaio)","description":"Professional network","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Wheako tauira","description":"Internship","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakarewahia","description":"Launched","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Te W\u0101-tirotiro","description":"Ko t\u014dna tikanga he w\u0101-tirotiro i \u014d wh\u0101inga kia pai ai te whakahaere i te ahu whakamua.","secondary_description":"Strictly speakings it is a time to monitor goals and better manage progress."},{"title":"Te Whakatakoto Wh\u0101inga","description":"Ko te tikanga o te whakatakoto wh\u0101inga kia m\u0101rama pu te ara hei whakatutuki, k\u0101tahi ka w\u0101w\u0101hi i ng\u0101 mahi hei mahi, hei whakatutuki hei t\u0113tahi w\u0101 tohu.","secondary_description":"The general reason for goal setting is to clearly understand the path to achieve, then breaking down the tasks to do, to achieve in a set time."},{"title":"Te Wh\u0101nau Whairawa","description":"Ko te p\u016btake o te wh\u0101nau whairawa he kaha t\u014dp\u016b, he mamahi t\u014dp\u016b, he m\u0101tauranga t\u014dp\u016b, \u0101, e tohu ana i te nui o te aroha, o te manaaki, o te mana, o te mauri, o te tautoko, o te mahi tahi. Tae atu hoki ki te moni t\u014dp\u016b, p\u0113n\u0101 i te ukauka me ng\u0101 rawa ahumoni.","secondary_description":"The foundation of a wealthy wh\u0101nau is collective strength, collective labour, collective knowledge, and signifying the importance of compassion, care, authority, life essence, support and unity. Also including collective money, like coins and financial resources."},{"title":"W\u0101-tirotiro","description":"Check-ins","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Waitohu","description":"Label","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakaaro t\u016b\u0101papa","description":"Fundamental consideration","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakaarorangi","description":"Intention","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakakai taringa","description":"Earring","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakakipakipa","description":"Inspire","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakam\u0101ene","description":"Sand","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakamarohi","description":"Enhance","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakapakeke","description":"Grow up","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakap\u016bhoitanga","description":"Slowdown","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakar\u0101memene","description":"Bring together","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Whakarawe","description":"Furnishing","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 Wawata","description":"E k\u014drerotia nuitia ana te kupu nei m\u014d te moemoe\u0101, m\u014d ng\u0101 hiahia, m\u014d ng\u0101 awhero o te tangata.","secondary_description":"This word emphasises the dreams, the wants and goals of an individual"},{"title":"Whakatairanga","description":"Emphasis","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Wh\u0101nau Whairawa","description":"Wh\u0101nau Wealth","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Wharekura","description":"Container home","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 wh\u0101inga ahumoni","description":"Ko ng\u0101 wh\u0101inga ahumoni ng\u0101 \u016bnga m\u0101u e whakatakoto ina hiahia koe ki t\u0113tahi mea me utu, \u0101, k\u0101ore koe e whai moni hei utu i taua w\u0101 tonu. Ko ng\u0101 wh\u0101inga ahumoni ko te penapena moni m\u014d ng\u0101 mea p\u0113r\u0101 i te waea hou, te utu t\u012bkiti r\u0101nei m\u014d te haere ki t\u0113tahi huihuinga motuhake.","secondary_description":"These are the financial goals you set with something you wish to purchase in mind, and you don't have the money to purchase in that instant. Financial goals is saving money for things such as a new phone, and paying for a ticket to attend a special gathering."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 wh\u0101inga w\u0101 poto","description":"He mahere m\u014d t\u0113tahi w\u0101 poto. Hei tauira, he 3-12 marama pea te roa o t\u0113tahi wh\u0101inga w\u0101 poto.","secondary_description":"A short term plan. For example, a goal that is 3-12 months in duration is a short term goal."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 whakawhiti aunoa ","description":"Ko ng\u0101 whakawhiti aunoa he ara utu nama tika i t\u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke. Ka rerek\u0113 pea taua rahi ia marama - p\u0113r\u0101 i t\u014d nama waea, t\u014d nama hiko r\u0101nei. Ka mahia auautia ng\u0101 utu, ko te tikanga \u0101 t\u0113tahi r\u0101 p\u016bmau o te marama. Ka taea hoki te whakamahi m\u014d ng\u0101 penapena whaiaro. ","secondary_description":"Automatic Transfers are a method to automatically pay the correct amount from you bank account. The amount may differ every month, such as your phone bill, or your electricity bill. The payments are automatic, for a permanent day of the month. This can also be used for personal saving."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 whiu ","description":"Ki te t\u016breiti t\u014d utu, ki te kore rawa e utu i t\u0113tahi nama, kei te takahi koe i t\u0113tahi kirimana. Ka utaina he utu t\u0101piri ki te rahi e nama ai koe, me te aha, me nui ake to utu.","secondary_description":"If you're late to pay, or if you do not pay a bill, you may breach your contract. An additional cost is added to the bill, meaning you have more to pay."},{"title":"W\u0101 utu","description":"Ko te tikanga, 1 wiki, e 2 wiki, t\u0113tahi marama r\u0101nei te w\u0101 utu. Koinei te nui o te w\u0101 i waenga r\u0101 utu.","secondary_description":"Normally pay periods are 1 week, 2 weeks or monthly. This is the usual length of time between pay days."},{"title":"Waiaro","description":"Te huinga o \u014d whakapono, uara, kare \u0101-roto hoki t\u0113r\u0101 ka aweawe i \u014d aronganui me te \u0101hua e mahi ai i \u0101u mahi.","secondary_description":"A set of beliefs, values, feelings that influence your emotions and the way you do what you do."},{"title":"W\u0101pau","description":"Koinei ng\u0101 haora t\u0101piri i mahi koe i t\u0113tahi w\u0101 utu. Kei runga \u0113nei i ng\u0101 haora i whakaaetia i t\u014d kirimana mahi.","secondary_description":"These are the additional hours you work in a pay period. These are above the hours you agreed to in your contract."},{"title":"Whaiaro ahumoni","description":"Ko t\u0101 t\u014d whaiaro ahumoni he whakaahua i \u014d kaha me \u014d ngoikore e p\u0101 ana ki ng\u0101 momo e whakapau ai, e penapena ai r\u0101nei koe i te moni T\u0113n\u0101 pea 'kaipoka moni', he 'kaiwhakahaere moni', he 'rakahinonga' r\u0101nei koe.","secondary_description":"Your personal finance demonstrates your strengths and weaknesses regarding your types of expenditure or savings of money. "},{"title":"Wh\u0101inga w\u0101 poto","description":"He mahere m\u014d t\u0113tahi w\u0101 poto. Hei tauira, he 3-12 marama pea te roa o t\u0113tahi wh\u0101inga w\u0101 poto.","secondary_description":"A short term plan. For example, the length of time mught be 3-12 month."},{"title":"Wh\u0101inga w\u0101 roa","description":"He mahere m\u014d t\u0113tahi w\u0101 roa, ko te tikanga he w\u0101 neke atu i ng\u0101 tau ruarua. T\u0113r\u0101 pea, ka rua tekau ki te toru tekau tau te roa.","secondary_description":"A long term plan, normally a period longer than a couple of years. Perhaps, 20 to 30 years long."},{"title":"Whakahaere moni","description":"Ko t\u0113nei mea te whakahaere moni he aroturuki i \u014d moni taumai (moni whiwhi) me te puta atu (utunga). E p\u0101 ana ki te pai o \u014d k\u014dwhiringa whakamahere me p\u0113hea te whakamahi i t\u014d moni. Ko te mahere p\u016btea he utauta ka whakamahia ki te whakahaere i \u014d moni. ","secondary_description":"This thing about money management is tracking your incoming (income) and outgoing (spending) money. Related to the quality of your planning choices and how to use you rmoney. A financial plan is a tool used to manage your money."}],"O":[{"title":"Oranga","description":"Wellbeing","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Owha","description":"Koinei ng\u0101 mea (rawa) i tukuna iho ki a koe e t\u0113tahi tangata kua mate. Ka whai w\u0101hi pea te moni, ng\u0101 rawa whenua, e t\u0113tahi atu rawa p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 mahi toi, ng\u0101 taonga r\u0101nei - ar\u0101, he mea i marihi ki taua tangata. ","secondary_description":"These are the assets or money handed down to you from someone who has passed away. It may be money, land assets, or another type of asset, such as artwork or treasures or things that were valuable to that person."},{"title":"Ohaoha","description":"Economic","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ohu moni t\u0101rewa","description":"Credit union","secondary_description":null}],"T":[{"title":"Taituar\u0101","description":"Security","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tango-an\u014d","description":"Redraw","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101mi ahumoni tauira-\u014dmua","description":"Built-in inflation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101mi ahumoni pana-utu","description":"Demand-pull inflation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101mi ahumoni kume-hiahia","description":"Demand-pull inflation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Takuhe","description":"Grant","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tino takat\u016btanga tauoranga","description":"Significant life event","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Takawaenga m\u014dkete","description":"Mortgage broker","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Takat\u016btanga","description":"Event","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101pae \u0101-moni tahua","description":"Lump sum payment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua whakahaere","description":"Managed funds","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua take ohorere","description":"Tahua take ohorere","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua \u0100whina K\u0101wanatanga","description":"Government Benefit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua hea-toha","description":"Mutual funds","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua \u0101whina","description":"Benefit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u016btohutanga","description":"Recommendation","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tautiaki","description":"Maintenance, or to maintain","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tauari","description":"Example; scenario","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u016b t\u012brara","description":"Social distancing","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tauira","description":"Example\/Mould\/role model","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua whai m\u0101tauranga","description":"Paid study","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua t\u016bpato","description":"Defensive fund","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua tuki","description":"Aggresive fund","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua t\u014dtika","description":"Balanced fund","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua tipu","description":"Growth funds","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua pena","description":"Conservative fund","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u016btohinga p\u0101p\u0101tanga kaiwhakarato p\u016btea (PIR)","description":"Prescribed Investor Rates (PIR)","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tuwhena","description":"Koinei te moni e toe ana i muri i t\u014d whiwhi utu mahi i muri i te utu i \u014d utu noho, ng\u0101 utunga me ng\u0101 nama.","secondary_description":"This is the money remaing after you receive your work pay, after you pay for living costs, your purchases and bills."},{"title":"T\u012bwhiri moni","description":"Money tips","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u012bmau p\u016bnaha-moni","description":"Currency peg","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tauwhitinga","description":"Transaction","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taurangi here-kore","description":"Free floating","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tuapoki (p\u016btea)","description":"Limit","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taunoa","description":"Default","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tari T\u0101ke","description":"Ko t\u0101 te Tari Taake he kohikohi t\u0101ke mai i ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata o Aotearoa m\u014d te k\u0101wanatanga o Aotearoa.","secondary_description":"The Inland Revenue Department collect tax from citizens of New Zealand for the NZ Government."},{"title":"T\u0101paetanga m\u014dkete","description":"Mortgage repayments","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u012bwekaweka","description":"Untidy, Disarray","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 takoha kaitukumahi","description":"Koinei t\u0101 t\u014d kaitukumahi e kuhu atu ai ki t\u014d p\u016bkete KiwiSaver (m\u0113n\u0101 he kaimahi koe). Kei runga ake t\u0113r\u0101 i t\u0101u i kuhu ai mai i \u014d utu \u0101-haora. E whakarite ana te k\u0101wanatanga kia kuhuna atu e ng\u0101 kaitukumahi te 3% i te iti rawa o te utu mahi ki t\u0113tahi kaimahi (i mua i te tango t\u0101ke).","secondary_description":"These are the contributions your employer makes to your KiwiSaver account (if you are an employee). This is on top of what you contribute based on your hourly wage. The Government have organised for employers to contribute 3% of an employees payments (before tax or gross amount)"},{"title":"T\u016bmau Ahumoni","description":"Financial Terms","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tukunga Iho","description":"Consequence","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tuaritia","description":"Share","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Toritori","description":"Busy","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u014dnui","description":"Productive","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Toit\u016b","description":"Sustain","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Toiora","description":"Welfare","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 tiringa ","description":"Te rahi e utu ana koe hei whakamahi i ng\u0101 ratonga p\u0113ke p\u0113r\u0101 i ng\u0101 k\u0101ri taurewa, te m\u014dkete r\u0101nei. Me m\u014dhio kia te rahi o aua tiringa ina waitohu koe ki t\u0113tahi ratonga.","secondary_description":"The amount you pay to use bank services like a debit card, or a mortgage. You need to know the amount of the fee if you sign up to a service."},{"title":"Taup\u0101nga","description":"Application","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tauira","description":"Example\/Mould","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101tauira Pakirehua","description":"Inquiry Template","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tahua","description":"Sum, Budget","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taha wh\u0101nau","description":"Social wellbeing: family relationships, friendships, and other interpersonal relationships; feelings of belonging, compassion, and caring; and social support","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taha wairua","description":"Spiritual wellbeing\/purpose: the values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life, and personal identity and self-awareness (For some individuals and communities, spiritual wellbeing is linked to a particular religion; for others, it is not.)","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taha tinana","description":"Physical wellbeing: the physical body, its growth, development, and ability to move, and ways of caring for it","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Taha hinengaro","description":"Mental and Emotional wellbeing: coherent thinking processes, acknowledging and expressing thoughts and feelings and responding constructively","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Tarepa","description":"Ka nui ake ana \u014d utu ora me \u014d nama i te rahinga e whiwhi ana koe (t\u014d moni whiwhi), e k\u012bia ana te moni t\u0101piri ka hiahiatia ki te utu i \u014d nama ko te tarepa. ","secondary_description":"When the cost of living and bills outweigh money you receive (your income), the money needed to pay those bills is a deficit."},{"title":"T\u016braru","description":"Koinei te t\u016bponotanga k\u0101ore e \u014drite pea te hua i t\u014d haumi i t\u0113r\u0101 ka t\u016bmanakohia, ka mutu, ka heke pea t\u014dna uara.","secondary_description":"This is the probability your profits might not be the same as what you wished, and the value decreases."},{"title":"Tuakiri ahumoni","description":"Ka whai w\u0101hi ki t\u014d tuakiri ahumoni \u014d whakapono, t\u014d m\u0101tauranga me \u014d whanonga e p\u0101 ana ki te moni. Ka whai w\u0101hi an\u014d hoki ng\u0101 mea e ako ana koe i t\u014d wh\u0101nau me t\u014d hapori, me \u014d k\u014dwhiringa m\u014d te penapena me te whakapau.","secondary_description":"Your beliefs, education and attitude towards money play a part in your financial profile. What you learn from your wh\u0101nau and community also plays a role, and your options for saving and investing."},{"title":"Toitutanga Ahumoni","description":"Ko te m\u0101rama ki te tiaki i t\u014d p\u016btea, i t\u014d wh\u0101nau, i a koe an\u014d hoki; te m\u014dhio ki te inihua, ki te haumitanga me te whakat\u0101nga, p\u0113n\u0101 i te KiwiSaver","secondary_description":"Knowing how to look after your funds, your wh\u0101nau, and yourself as well; understanding insurance, investment and retirement such as KiwiSaver."},{"title":"Taunaha","description":"Koinei ng\u0101 nama kei runga i a koe, t\u014d whakahaere r\u0101nei. Hei tauira, ng\u0101 nama p\u0113nei i ng\u0101 hoko putuputu, ng\u0101 p\u016btea taurewa me ng\u0101 m\u014dkete. ","secondary_description":"These are debts you or your organisation have. For example, a debt like hire purchases, loans and mortgages."},{"title":"Tau whakat\u0101","description":"K\u0101ore i whakaritea he tau whakat\u0101 i Aotearoa. Heoi, he tokomaha nga t\u0101ngata ka k\u014dwhiri ki te whakat\u0101 ina eke ki te 65 tau te pakeke. Koinei te tau e \u0101hei ana koe ki ng\u0101 utunga p\u016btea penihana o Aotearoa.","secondary_description":"Aotearoa does not administer retirement numbers. However many people choose to retire when the reach 65 year of age. This is the age you are able to receive the pension fund."},{"title":"Tau p\u016btea","description":"He \u0101hua rerek\u0113 te tau putea ki te tau maramataka noa - ka t\u012bmata hei te 1 o Paengawh\u0101wh\u0101 i ia tau , ka mutu hei te 31 o Pout\u016bterangi i te tau whai ake ana. I te mutunga o te tau p\u016btea, ka taki te tari k\u0101wenatana e k\u012bia ana ko te Tari Taake (IRD) m\u0113n\u0101 kua utu koe i te rahinga t\u0101ke tika m\u014d te nui o te moni i whiwhi koe.","secondary_description":"The financial year is different to the calendar year - it starts on the 1st of April every year, and finishes on the 31st of March in the following year. At the end of the financial year, the government, known as the Tax Department, track if you have paid the correct tax amount for the amount of money you receive."},{"title":"Tau IRD","description":"Ko t\u0113nei mea te tau IRD he tau e waru, e iwa r\u0101nei \u014dna mati ka whiwhi koe i te Tari Taake (IRD). N\u0101u t\u0113n\u0101 tau m\u014d te roanga ake o t\u014d ora \u2014 e kore e taea e t\u0113tahi atu te pupuri i t\u014d tau. ","secondary_description":"An IRD number is an 8 to 9 digit number you receive from The Tax Department (IRD). That is your number for your lifetime - no one else can hold that number."},{"title":"Tari Taake","description":"Ko t\u0101 te Tari Taake he kohikohi t\u0101ke mai i ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata o Aotearoa m\u014d te k\u0101wanatanga o Aotearoa.","secondary_description":null},{"title":"T\u0101 te Wh\u0101nau Whakahaere Moni","description":"E \u0101hua \u014drite ana t\u0113nei ki te penapena moni, \u0101, ka whakar\u0101memene t\u0113r\u0101 i \u0113r\u0101 atu kaupapa, ar\u0101 te noho nama, te penapena moni, me te penapena m\u014d t\u0113tahi wh\u0101inga. E angitu ai t\u014d whakahaere p\u016btea, me whai wh\u0101i, p\u016btake m\u0101rama r\u0101nei t\u014d wh\u0101nau. Me whai mahere p\u016btea, me utu an\u014d te nama m\u0113n\u0101 kei a r\u0101tou he nama, me penapena, me \u016b ki t\u0113tahi mahere taumano wh\u0101nui.","secondary_description":"This is similar to saving money, and also connects to others concepts such as debt, money saving and saving towards a goal. To ensure you succeed in managing money, you need a goal, or shared focus as a wh\u0101nau. You need a budget plan and to pay debts if they have any, save and stick to an extensive long-term plan."},{"title":"Taraka haere \/Ng\u0101 kaihoko \u0101-taraka haere","description":"Ko \u0113nei ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata e hokohoko taonga ana mai i ng\u0101 taraka nunui i roto i \u0113tahi hapori, ko te tikanga he tino nui ake ng\u0101 utu m\u014d aua taonga i ng\u0101 utu m\u014d ng\u0101 taonga \u014drite i roto i ng\u0101 toa. Ka hokohoko i ng\u0101 rawa e utua ai e koe \u0101 muri atu. engari ka utua i ng\u0101 p\u0101p\u0101tanga huamoni nui, ka mutu, ka nui ake te utu o \u0113r\u0101 rawa i te utu i roto i nga toa noa.","secondary_description":"These are the individuals who sell products from a large truck to a community, generally the price for those goods are higher than if you bought the same items in a store. You purchase the items and pay later, however you also pay higher interest rates, meaning you pay more than if you bought it in store."},{"title":"Tangohanga utu","description":"E k\u012bia ana te moni ka tangohia i t\u014d utu peke ko te tangohanga. Ko \u0113tahi tauira o ng\u0101 tangohanga ko te t\u0101ke moni whiwhi, ng\u0101 utu p\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga, te KiwiSaver, me ng\u0101 utunga mo ng\u0101 akoranga e whai ana pea koe.","secondary_description":"Money that is deducted from your gross pay is considered pay deductions. Examples include income tax deductions, student loan repayments, KiwiSaver, and costs for classes or education you are completing."},{"title":"T\u0101mi ahumoni","description":"Ina piki ng\u0101 utu, ka iti iho te mana hoko o t\u014d moni. Hei tauira, ki te hoko koe i t\u0113tahi mea $1,000 t\u014dna uara in\u0101ianei, \u0101, ko te p\u0101p\u0101tanga t\u0101mi ahumoni ko te 2%, hei te paunga o t\u0113tahi tau ka hiahia koe ki te $1,020 ki te hoko i taua mea.","secondary_description":"If costs increase your ability to buy decreases. For example, if you buy something $1000 in value now, and the financial inflation rate increases by 2% at the end of the year, then you may need $1020 to purchase the same item."},{"title":"T\u0101ke moni whiwhi","description":"Koia te moni e utu ana koe ki te k\u0101wanatanga i runga i t\u014d moni whiwhi. Ka tukuna tikatia t\u0113tahi rahinga \u014drau o \u014d moni mai i \u014d utu mahi ki te k\u0101wanatanga. He momo tiritiri ng\u0101 t\u0101ke i ng\u0101 utu o ng\u0101 mea e hiahia ana m\u0101tou hei t\u0101ngata n\u014d Aotearoa. E utu ana i ng\u0101 ratonga hira e hiahiatia ana m\u014d te painga o te whenua, hei tauira, ng\u0101 h\u014dhipera, ng\u0101 kura, me ng\u0101 rori. Whakamahia ai an\u014d hoki te moni i ng\u0101 t\u0101ke hei tautiaki i \u014d m\u0101tou papa r\u0113hia \u0101-motu me \u0113tahi atu w\u0101hi t\u016bmatanui. ","secondary_description":"The money you pay to the Government from your income. A percentage of your work pay is directly paid to the government. Taxes are a form of allocation towards whatever New Zealanders want. These may be special services for the benefit of our land, for example, hospitals, schools and our roads. The money is also used to maintaing upkeep in recreational areas and other public spaces."},{"title":"T\u0101ke hokohoko (GST)","description":"Ko te t\u0101ke hokohoko he t\u0101ke ka t\u0101piritia ki ng\u0101 rawa me ng\u0101 ratonga e hoko ana ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata o Aotearoa. Ko te t\u0101ke hokohoko ko te 15% o te utu o t\u014d hokonga mai. Ina hoko mea koe i t\u0113tahi toa, kua whakauru k\u0113tia te t\u0101ke hokohoko ki te utu hoko, \u0101, k\u0101ore pea e kitea e koe.","secondary_description":"GST is a tax added to goods and services an individual may purchase in New Zealand. The tax is 15% the value of what is purchased. If you purchase goods from a store, thiis tax has already been included in the total cost, and you may not see this cost."},{"title":"Tahua piki","description":"He tahua ka haumihia atu ki ng\u0101 kamupene ko te t\u016bmanako e tere ake ai te tipu i \u014d \u0113tahi atu kamupene. Ko te whakaaro noa, he nui ake te t\u016braru kei t\u0113nei momo haumi i \u0113r\u0101 atu momo haumi. He pai te haumi ki t\u0113tahi tahua pikinga nui m\u0113n\u0101 e kimi ana i te pikinga nui i roto i te w\u0101 roa, m\u0113n\u0101 hoki, n\u0101 t\u014d p\u016bhoutanga, k\u0101ore koe e tino \u0101wangawanga ki ng\u0101 taiheke m\u0101kete ka t\u016bpono mai. ","secondary_description":"A fund invested with a company which hopefully grows faster than the other competitors. This type of investment in considered riskier than other types. It's a good idea to invest in a growth fund if it is long term, and if you are young and are not concerned about market falls which may happen."},{"title":"Tahua more ","description":"Koinei te rahinga e mino ana koe ina tono i t\u0113tahi p\u016btea taurewa, m\u014dkete r\u0101nei. Ka t\u0101piritia he huamoni ki taua rahinga i ng\u0101 w\u0101 auau (ko te tikanga, \u0101-marama) kia mutu r\u0101 an\u014d te utu an\u014d.","secondary_description":"The amount borrowed if you undertake a financial loan or mortgage. Interest is frequentlly added to this amount (generally every month) until it is repaid."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 tuohunga","description":"Ko ng\u0101 tuohunga he momo tiaki noho e whakarato ana i te tiaki tapuhi 24 haora ki a a koe i t\u014d kaum\u0101tuatanga. Ka taea e ng\u0101 tuohunga te whakarato noho w\u0101 poto whai muri i t\u0113tahi noho h\u014dhipera, t\u0113tahi m\u0101uiui, wharanga r\u0101nei e hiahiatia ai te tiaki haere tonu.","secondary_description":"Hospice care is a form of living care that provides 24hour nurse assistance in your retirement. Hospice care can provide short stays after a hospital visit, a sickness or an accident when you wish for care to continue,"}],"U":[{"title":"Utu wh\u0101ngai","description":"Te rahinga e utu auautia ana e koe ki t\u014d kamupene r\u012banga kia whai mana ai t\u014d r\u012banga. Ko te tikanga, utua ai \u0101-rua wiki, \u0101-marama, \u0101-tau r\u0101nei.","secondary_description":"The amount paid regularly by you to your insurance company to validate the insurance. Usually fortnightly, monthly or yearly."},{"title":"Utu whakamutu mahi","description":"Redundancy pay","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu","description":"Charge \/ fee","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utunga","description":"Payment","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu tahua","description":"Cost of funds","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu hora","description":"Spread","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu Hapa Moni Taurewa","description":"Loan Penalty Fee","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu \u0101-h\u0101ora m\u014dkito","description":"A wage is an hourly rate. The government sets the minimum wage that you can be paid. As a student, your first job is likely to have a wage rather than a salary. For adults in New Zealand, this is $20 per hour. For young people and people who are being trained, the minimum wage is $16. The amount you are paid each week depends on the number of hours you work.","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utanga","description":"Contribution","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu Muri Iho","description":"AfterPay","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ukauka","description":"Cash","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Utu tuku","description":"Letting fee","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Ng\u0101 uara","description":"Ng\u0101 mea e whakapono ai te tangata, t\u0113tahi r\u014dp\u016b r\u0101nei me ng\u0101 mea e hira ana ki a koe.","secondary_description":"The things an individual or group believes which are important to you"},{"title":"Utu peke","description":"Ko t\u014d utu peke te tapeke o te moni e whiwhi ana koe m\u014d te mahi i oti i a koe. Ko t\u014d utu more te rahi ka kuhuna atu ki t\u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke ia r\u0101 utu. Ko te utu more t\u014d utu peke i muri i te tangonga o ng\u0101 t\u0101ke me \u0113tahi atu utu, p\u0113r\u0101 i KiwiSaver.","secondary_description":"Your gross pay is the total of money you received for work you completed. Your net pay amount is deposited into your bank account every pay day. The net pay is the gross pay after taxes and other fess have been deducted, like KiwiSaver."},{"title":"Utu more","description":"Ko t\u014d utu more te rahi ka kuhuna atu ki t\u014d p\u016btea p\u0113ke ia r\u0101 utu mahi. Ko te utu more t\u014d utu peke i muri i te tangonga o ng\u0101 t\u0101ke me \u0113tahi atu utu, p\u0113r\u0101 i KiwiSaver. Ko t\u014d utu peke te tapeke o te moni e whiwhi ana koe m\u014d te mahi i oti i a koe.","secondary_description":"Your net pay amount is deposited into your bank account every pay day. The net pay is your gross pay after taxes and other fees have been deducted, like KiwiSaver. Your gross pay is the total of money you received for work you completed."},{"title":"Utu kaiker\u0113me","description":"Koinei te rahinga e whakaae ana koe ki te utu o te whakatika i te t\u016bkino ina tuku ker\u0113me r\u012banga koe. Hei tauira, m\u0113n\u0101 ko te utu kaiker\u0113me m\u014d t\u014d r\u012banga motok\u0101 ko te $250, \u0101, ka p\u0101 te hauata ki t\u014d waka ko te $750 te nui o te t\u016bkino, m\u0101u e utu e $250, m\u0101 te kair\u012banga e utu te toenga, i t\u0113nei w\u0101 ko te $500.","secondary_description":"This is the agreed amount you pay to fix an accident if you submit an insurance claim. For example, if your claimant fee for motorbike insurance is $250, and you experience an accident to your vehicle costing $750 in damages, you pay $250, the insurer pays the remaining cost, in this instance $500."},{"title":"Utu i a koe e whiwhi moni ana","description":"Kia m\u0101m\u0101 ai te utu t\u0101ke, whakamahi ai te nuinga o ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata i t\u0113tahi p\u016bnaha e k\u012bia ana Utu i a koe e Whiwhi Moni ana (Pay as You Earn (PAYE)). Ina t\u012bmata koe ki te whiwhi utu m\u014d \u014d mahi, ka tukuna tikatia t\u0113tahi rahinga \u014drau mai i \u014d utu mahi ki te k\u0101wanatanga. M\u0101 te p\u0113r\u0101, k\u0101ore koe e mate ki te utu i te utunga t\u0101ke rahi kotahi i te mutunga o ia tau.","secondary_description":"To make paying tax easier, most people use the system known as Pay as you Earn (PAYE). When you start receiving pay for your work, a percentage amount of your work pay is sent directly to the government. By doing that, you will not suffer paying one large tax payment at the end of every year."},{"title":"Utu hea ","description":"He maha pea ng\u0101 mea rerek\u0113 ka whakatau i te utu o t\u0113tahi hea. Ko te mea matua e aweawe ana i te utu ko te taurite i waenga i te putanga me te hiahiatanga. Ki te tokomaha ng\u0101 kaihoko e hiahia hea ana, ka piki te utu. M\u0113n\u0101 he tokomaha atu ng\u0101 kaihoko atu i ng\u0101 kaihoko mai, ka heke te utu.","secondary_description":"The are many things to consider when purchasing a share. The main thing influencing the price is the comaprison between consequences\/conditions and desires. The majority of buyers wanting shares, are wanting the price to rise. If there are more sellers than buyers then the price drops."},{"title":"Utu \u0101-tau","description":"Ko te tikanga, he rahinga p\u016bmau o te moni i ia tau. Hei tauira, ka utua ng\u0101 kaiako ki ng\u0101 utu \u0101-ta: ka whiwhi i te rahinga \u014drite ia wiki ahakoa ng\u0101 haora e mahi ana r\u0101tou.","secondary_description":"Normally, a permanent amount of money per year. For example, kaiako are paid a salary: they receive the same amount each week, no matter the hours they work."},{"title":"Utu \u0101-r\u0101","description":"Ko te utu \u0101-r\u0101 (\u0101-haora r\u0101nei) te rahinga e utua ana koe m\u014d ia r\u0101 (haora r\u0101nei) e mahi ana koe.","secondary_description":"A wage is the amount you are paid for each day (or hour) you work."},{"title":"Utu \u0101-haora ","description":"Ko te rahinga ka utua ia haora m\u014d t\u014d mahi. Ka whakatauria te p\u0101p\u0101tanga m\u014dkito ka utua koe e te k\u0101wanatanga. Hei tauira, ko te tikanga me whai utu \u0101-haora koe m\u014d t\u014d mahi tuatahi, kaua k\u0113 he utu \u0101-tau. M\u014d te hunga pakeke i Aotearoa, ko te $20 ia haora. M\u014d te hunga rangatahi me ng\u0101 t\u0101ngata e whakangungua ana ko te $16 ia haora te m\u014dkito. Kei te maha o ng\u0101 haora e mahi ana koe ia wiki te nui o te utu ki a koe.","secondary_description":"The amount of pay for your hourly work. The minimum rate determines you are paid by the government. For example, normally you should acquire a wage for your first job, not a salary. For adults in Aotearoa, it is $20.00 an hour. For youth and people in training, it is $16.00 minimum per hour. The amount of hours you work in a week is the amount you are paid."},{"title":"Uara tapeke","description":"Koinei te rahinga ka whiwhi koe i t\u014d haumi. ","secondary_description":"This is the amount you receive from your investment."},{"title":"Ng\u0101 utunga p\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga","description":"Ki te whakatau koe ki te whai akoranga atu ina wehe atu i te kura, ka \u0101hei te mino moni i te k\u0101wanatanga hei utu i ng\u0101 utunga akoranga p\u0113nei i ng\u0101 whakaakoranga, ng\u0101 pukapuka me ng\u0101 rawa, me ng\u0101 utunga noho. Ina t\u012bmata koe ki te mahi, me t\u012bmata ki te utu an\u014d i taua p\u016btea taurewa. Ka tangohia tikatia ng\u0101 utunga p\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga i t\u014d utu mahi.\r\nM\u0113n\u0101 ka haere ki t\u0101w\u0101hi m\u014d neke atu i te ono marama, me utu huamoni koe i runga i t\u014d p\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga.\r\n","secondary_description":"If you decide to further your education after leaving school, you are able to borrow money from the government to pay for your tuition costs such as your classes, textbooks, assets, and renting or dwelling costs. If you start working, you need to begin repaying the loan. Repayments for your loan are accurately deducted from your wage payments. "},{"title":"Ng\u0101 utu moni atu ","description":"Ng\u0101 moni e utu ana koe m\u014d ng\u0101 mea e hiahia ana koe. Ko \u0113tahi tauira ko te r\u0113ti, te kai, ng\u0101 ratonga hiko me te ipurangi. He nama hoki ng\u0101 utu moni atu. Ko \u0113tahi tauira ko ng\u0101 utunga m\u014dkete, ng\u0101 p\u016btea taurewa \u0101konga, me ng\u0101 tiringa k\u0101ri taurewa.","secondary_description":"Other costs you pay for the things you want. Examples include, rent, food, electrical and internet services. Other bills are considered other costs as well. Examples include mortgage repayments, student loan payments and fees from credit cards."}],"I":[{"title":"Ikiiki","description":"Transport","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Inihua","description":"Insurance; r\u012banga - He ara whakahaere t\u016braru i t\u014du ao. Ka t\u016bpono noa ng\u0101 mahi ohorere i t\u014du ao, \u0101, ka \u0101whina te ri\u0101nga te pare i a koe i te ngaromanga ahumoni ki te p\u0101 kinotia \u014d taonga, t\u014d hauora, t\u014d \u0101hei r\u0101nei ki te whiwhi moni. Hei tauira, ka \u0101hei te hoko r\u012banga m\u014d t\u014d whare me ng\u0101 rawa i roto, me t\u014d waka, kei t\u016bkinotia, kei ngaro r\u0101nei. M\u0113n\u0101 ka haere koe ki t\u0101w\u0101hi, ka pare te ri\u0101nga t\u0101poi i a koe i te w\u0101 kei t\u0101w\u0101hi. ","secondary_description":"Is an avenue to manage risk in your world. Unforeseen events occur and insurance helps protect you against financial loss that may impact on your assets, your health or your ability to earn. For example, you are able to purchase insurance for your house, the contents as well as your car against damage or loss. If you travel overseas, travel insurance protects you whilst overseas."},{"title":"Irapuoro","description":"Spotify","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Inihua pare m\u014dkete","description":"Mortgage protection insurance","secondary_description":null},{"title":"Inar\u0101","description":"Especially","secondary_description":null}]}}