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Sorted Money Week

Have fun raising your students’ financial capability

Sorted Money Week is kicking off 8 August. The theme, Just Wondering, is back for a final year. We're answering the money questions people are wondering. We'd love for you and your students to get involved - we've got a great quiz they can try answering, plus we're running a giveaway for students who submit their questions to us.

Are your students wondering about money?

This Money Week, get your students to submit their money questions and they'll go into the draw to win one of 10 movie vouchers. Plus, we'll respond with answers to their questions.

Get your questions in by Friday, 12 August 2022.

Click here to submit your question!

Read the competition terms and conditions

How many of these can your students answer?

We've put together a quiz to get your students thinking about money. Who has the winning answers in your class?

Download the quiz

Whether you’re already teaching financial capability in your classrooms, or just getting started, Sorted Money Week is a great opportunity for students to learn about money and start their journey.

Māori Medium Education

Written in te reo Māori with resources aligned to Te Marautanga o Te Aho Matua and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

Sorted Money Week (8-14 August)

Have fun raising your students’ financial capability

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