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The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.
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Planning for retirement/whakatā: setting a goal

Compare and contrast different contributions to KiwiSaver using this Sorted KiwiSaver calculator.  To do this, you will need to make up a salary and choose different levels of contribution.

Based on your interview with a retired person, compare and contrast the financial needs and wants of someone your age and a retiree.

Investigate different types of providers of KiwiSaver plans through different management asset firms. Select a provider and analyse your KiwiSaver growth in the selected fund type.

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Planning for retirement/whakatā: setting a goal

Create a retirement/whakatā plan, using this Sorted KiwiSaver calculator, then use this investor kickstarter to work out which KiwiSaver fund suits you best. Justify your choice.

Based on your interview with a retired person, generalise whether the needs and wants of the person you interviewed are sustainable.

Evaluate the contributions to KiwiSaver that you analysed. Justify through mathematical statements which contribution you would choose for the different incomes.

Relationships to money

Define financial identity. What are your values, attitudes, behaviours, and skills regarding money?  

Describe your money personality. How do you react to sales and advertising? Do you have any strategies you use before you buy something? Are you an impulse buyer?

Take the Sorted Money Personality quiz.

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Relationships to money

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your money personality. What areas do you need to improve on and what areas are you managing well?

Compare and contrast the differences between needs and wants.

Read Needs and wants – Shopping decisions and discuss whether each item is a need or a want.

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Relationships to money

Explore ideas about identity

  • What do your spending habits reveal about your identity?
  • Is spending a way to achieve happiness?
  • Brainstorm your ideas and share with your classmates.
Setting goals/whāinga paetae

Define goal setting. View the presentation on goal setting. After viewing, expand your explanation to include any new information you have learnt.

Read the SORTED Goals booklet and answer these questions:

  • What details make our goals more achievable?
  • What details make managing your money more achievable?
  • When would you find it useful to have a plan to manage your money?
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