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Achievement Standard 91266

Evaluate a statistical based report

Version: 3
Credits: 2

Statistical Reports
In this module students learn to evaluate a statistical report with explores New Zealander’s attitudes towards responsible investment created by Mindful Money. Throughout the activities based on the report will ask students to investigate connections between gender pay and investment gaps. The module will build students skillset to critique statistical data and analyse statistical reports to be able to comment on features and findings of a survey relevant to the report’s purpose.

Please tell us in this survey about how the learning module has worked for you and your students. All feedback received will be used to inform any future updates.

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Social Sciences

Every New Zealander has the right to a decent home

Working in a group, define what factors make a home good to live in? List your ideas.

Identify different housing options in your community.

Watch Whare Māori - Kainga/The Village. List the values and perspectives that influence the way homes are built in your community.

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Social Sciences

Every New Zealander has the right to a decent home

In pairs, explain your top three criteria for a what makes a home good to live in. Rank them in order of priority.

Compare a traditional marae to an urban marae. Discuss the ways marae reflect changing needs over time.

Analyse the benefits of communal/community living and ways that this approach could help in a housing crisis.

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Social Sciences

Every New Zealander has the right to a decent home

Evaluate one of these claims:

  • Local government  should be responsible for ensuring all members of their communities have homes
  • Every New Zealander has a right to live in a safe and healthy home

Create a concept design board of a futuristic  marae or Sāmoan village that provides housing for elderly people. Add notes that explain key features of your design. Create an overview that explains factors that influenced your design.

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Financial wellbeing

Take this short survey to measure your current financial wellbeing. You could do this as yourself, for your whānau or by adopting a character role.

Describe the differences between:

  • Understanding risk
  • Saving or investing
  • Getting a return on your investment/whakangao.
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Social Sciences

Government assisted housing initiatives

Research ways that your local community and council help families in your community.  Interview families, and from their feedback formulate some solutions for ways to support families with housing options in the future.

Interview a retired person about their housing needs, both now and in the past. Evaluate how their housing choices earlier in life have impacted on their current situation.

From your interviews or research find an issue facing an elderly person around housing. Be the ‘Champion for the Elderly” and present your findings. This could be to to a landlord, family member, rest home, retirement village or Grey Power, for example.

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