The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Social Sciences

An ageing population

Interview a person over 65. Ask them five questions about their views on money/moni.

Find out how much money/moni the pension provides.

Estimate the cost of daily life for someone on a pension. Discuss whether the pension is enough live on.

Social Sciences

An ageing population

Use a community profiler such as Infometrics to investigate the percentage of people in your community who are over 65.

Compare the needs and wants of a teenager with those of someone who is retired.

Social Sciences

An ageing population

Create a presentation about KiwiSaver for your class, explaining how it works.

Evaluate the potential impact on your community if no-one invested in KiwiSaver.

Compare this with the impact of everyone in your community investing in KiwiSaver.

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Social Sciences

Community responses to housing issues

Design and plan for a communal living option for elderly people in your community. Base your ideas any of the completed tasks below:

  • Your interview with a grandparent or elderly person
  • Your interview with a local councillor
  • The Future Brief 
  • Your investigations into life on a marae and within
  • A Sāmoan village
  • Your exploration of futuristic housing options.

If retired people are depending only on their  weekly NZ Super payment then you need to think of ways to make the cost of power, heating and water more affordable.

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Social Sciences

Government assisted housing initiatives

Research ways that your local community and council help families in your community.  Interview families, and from their feedback formulate some solutions for ways to support families with housing options in the future.

Interview a retired person about their housing needs, both now and in the past. Evaluate how their housing choices earlier in life have impacted on their current situation.

From your interviews or research find an issue facing an elderly person around housing. Be the ‘Champion for the Elderly” and present your findings. This could be to to a landlord, family member, rest home, retirement village or Grey Power, for example.

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Healthy, wealthy and wise

Explain factors that result in elderly people needing support. How do these link to the hauora model and financial wellbeing?. Use this information from The Human Rights Commission as a guide.

Explain how community organisations support retired people in your community.

View this article and video on Alzheimer's, this CNN video, and a Hogeweyk article about a Dutch community facility for older people. Explain how this community functions. Analyse the strategies used to promote the wellbeing of the residents, including their financial wellbeing.

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