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Question generator

This tool serves up discussion points about money that can be difficult to ask or talk about. It allows for various ways of learning and can be useful to start or finish a lesson

Student weekly learning schedule

Cut and paste your planned learning experiences from the teaching and learning plan. This learning schedule can be adapted to suit student timetables and school programmes.


All people hold values, beliefs, and behaviours towards money and towards building wealth that are guided by their experiences, whānau, and communities.

The supermarket shop

How to plan the weekly grocery shop.

Setting financial goals

Setting financial goals helps us to manage our money and our lives.

Managing my money

Budgeting is tool for managing money and tracking spending.

Needs vs wants

Can you determine wants from needs?

Borrowing money

What do I need to know about borrowing money?


Borrowing is spending your money before you have it.

Spending diary

Keep a spending diary for a week for yourself or for someone in your household.

Decide what to save for

These activities, events, and items reflect Billy’s financial goals.

Financial planning tool

Consider how you manage your money, your spending habits, and life events.

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