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Planning your financial future

Leoni never seems to have enough money for the things she wants to buy.

Planning a family picnic

Simon’s family asked him to plan a meal for their Sunday family picnic.


Keep your eye on the prize and watch your savings grow.

Future briefs

There are three future briefs written as blog entries over a three-day time frame. These are designed to be used as a problem-solving, group learning experience. Teachers can choose to use one future brief as a one-off lesson or use all the briefs to further develop student problem-solving skills.


The more we save, the easier it is to achieve our goals and get ahead.

Smith Family financial plan

What does a financial plan look like?


Set goals to get ahead financially.

Supporting Savers

Create a plan for saving.

Meal Plan

Track what you're spending on food.

Managing your money

Managing your money means regularly looking at income vs spending.

Managing debt: Is credit the right way to go?

Is borrowing money a wise decision?

Financial identity introduction

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