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Sorted in Schools expands on CFFC's trusted brand Sorted, where you'll find additional resources to support the teaching and learning of financial capability.
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Pet spending gets wild!

Pets are valued members of our family. But they get sick too and can cost us a lot of money. It’s important to know what you’re getting into. As you plan for your money, try to include everything it will take for your furry family to be a happy one.

How much to rebuild your home?

You are responsible for calculating the cost of replacing your home and choosing the correct insurance cover. So how do you figure that cost out?

Having rainy day funds

10 reasons why it’s a good idea to have some money set aside.

Looking as we leap - risks and our goals

Linking risks with goals is important. Whenever we set a goal, there is always the risk that we might not reach it for some reason or another – the trick is to do what we can to limit risks as much as possible.

Stepped costs get steep

Life insurance payments can be “level” (pay the same amount every year for life) or “stepped” (pay a small amount the first year but pay a bit more every following year). Which is better?

Top 5 things to expect when you’re dealing with finance people

Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself. You know, fight for your rights and all that. It’s your money so, before you hand it over, there are a few key things that you’re entitled to and can demand from licensed providers.

Flu jabs for the finances

We get a flu jab to keep us healthy in winter. We also need to keep our finances healthy. There are some solutions to help you do this.

Is insurance a gamble?

Life comes with risks, and each of these needs to be identified and planned for. Protect the things that are important, and that you cannot afford to replace.

Travel insurance: worth it?

When you’re travelling, there are so many unknown events that might occur. All you need is one volcano somewhere to start spewing ash to radically change your flight plans. You don’t want to cut your travel plans short because you’re faced with a huge bill.

What do we leave behind?

Residue. This is the term lawyers use for anything that we’re leaving behind and need to give special instructions for. Who’s getting your residue?

Why wills are important and how to write one

Less than half of adults in NZ have a will, which means some of us could be leaving our families in a huge mess when we pass away. So how do you get started, and what exactly are you entitled to?

No will? No way.

Wills are perhaps one of the easiest things to put off. Yet they are also one of the easiest things to put in place. What might happen if you don’t have one?

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