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Sorted in Schools expands on CFFC's trusted brand Sorted, where you'll find additional resources to support the teaching and learning of financial capability.
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Buy some peace of mind

In the face of the many risks that life brings we need to protect the things that are important to us. Insurance is not the only way of doing this – some things are covered by the government, ACC, our community, or we can cover things ourselves – but it’s one important tool.

Life’s wild lean in

Our money lives can be an adventure at times, particularly because of the unexpected things that can happen to anyone. Just living brings risks. Fortunately, there are several things we can do.

Money-week fun

Watch this 30-second video clip to find out the percentage of people who are ready to survive a financial disaster.

Cut yourself some slack

When we don’t have some emergency funds set aside, it can be very stressful, always hoping that nothing goes wrong. You owe it to yourself to take that stress away.

Is health insurance worth it?

How do you decide whether health insurance is worth it for you and your family, when there is the public health system and ACC? The advantage often lies in cutting down the waiting times involved. But shop around and uncover the discounts available.

Told or sold

Have you ever known that you weren’t getting the best deal but just stuck with what you had? When you’re looking for a financial adviser, ideally the best ones do what’s right for you, not for them. They will advise you, not sell to you.

When it pays to run with the pack

At times it’s good to do things for yourself, by yourself. But there are also times when running with the pack is better – just like cyclists draughting together in single file. It’s the same with our finances. When you need a mental shortcut to figure out the best thing to do, the answer is often all around you.

Be ready to bounce back

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. It’s really important to have an emergency fund set aside, to help see you through the tough times.

What you need to know

This site has been created by IAG New Zealand Limited to help New Zealanders understand key aspects of home insurance and what you need to do when you are renewing or taking out a whole policy. The site provides a useful interactive that students can use to explore types of insurance related to the home.

Asset protection

If it’s important, it needs protecting. How many of us could afford to replace our home, car or other possessions if something happened to them? We’d need insurance cover to make it through. Family members who depend on us may need protecting in case we die or are unable to work because of illness.

Insuring ourselves

When we’re fit and healthy, it’s hard to imagine life changing. But what would happen if we couldn’t earn an income because we fell ill or became disabled? How would our family manage financially if we died? There are types of insurance available that can ease financial difficulties should the unthinkable happen.

Insurance types

Life is full of risks. If things do go wrong, the good news is that chances are there’s an insurance policy available to reduce the financial loss we would take should the worst occur.

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Equipping young people for their financial future, embedding good money habits early on.

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