The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Social Sciences

Groups and organisations

Generalise the financial role organisations and groups play in your community.

Make a presentation that summarises the impact these organisations and groups have on your community.

Create a guide for teenagers in your community showing places they can get financial help, either in person or online.

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Healthy, wealthy and wise

Select one of the character role cards. Using the information provided, predict the person’s level of financial wellbeing in retirement/whakatā, and justify your reasons. Select a way of presenting your thinking.

Complete the KiwiSaver pick-a-path and create a plan for your chosen character for the next 20 years that will have a positive impact to on their future wellbeing.

Debate whether children have a financial obligation to support their parents once their parents retire.

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Social Sciences

Housing for the elderly

In a group, view the findings of The Retirement Villages Survey 2006.

Using this information and the information collected from your interviews, generate five options  to support elderly people in your community to live independently. Justify each option and then present them to the class.

Evaluate how much local communities should be responsible for meeting the needs of elderly people.

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Insurance/inihua - knowing your options

Justify your choice of insurance excess in the insurance/inihua - knowing your options activity, using clear mathematical statements.

Generalise about the relationship you can see between the excess level you choose and the cost of an insurance policy.


Investing - learning when and what to invest

Show evidence of investing over a short period of time and any money you made in the process.

Complete the Managing debt: Is credit the way to go? activity.

Evaluate the best options short- and long-term options for saving and investing.


Managing debt

Evaluate how good debt can contribute to your financial identity.

Read Managing Debt: Is credit the way to go? and evaluate payment plans for managing debt on a credit card. Analyse the differences between payment arrangements Jill can make to manage her debt.


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