The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Advertising - how does it capture us?

View the top ten NZ ads ever made and identify similarities and differences. Explain why these ads are so popular.

As a class, select a group of ads.
Working in a group of four, choose four ads.

Critique the ads based on their:

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Am I a spender or a saver?

Take the Sorted money personality test. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your money/moni personality. Explain how you might work to improve any areas of weakness.

Analyse the money/moni personalities of people in your home. Have them take the Sorted money personality test. Did you accurately predict their money/moni personalities?

Compare and contrast needs and wants in the supermarket shop activity.

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Social Sciences

An ageing population

Use a community profiler such as Infometrics to investigate the percentage of people in your community who are over 65.

Compare the needs and wants of a teenager with those of someone who is retired.


Avoiding debt/nama

Explain why knowing about debt before you borrow is important.

Explain the difference between good and bad debt/nama. View these images for ideas.

Explain the purpose of the Do-Not-Knock Campaign.

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Banks want your business

Rank a set of four bank marketing materials in terms of their:

  • use of colour
  • composition
  • language
  • tone
  • mood.

Identify which bank materials would appeal most to teenagers and explain why.


Buying the big stuff

Explore a car dealership website. Select a car you would like to buy. Compare the final price of the car if you pay cash or if buy from the dealer with a loan. Read the fine print of the loan details to list all the costs included in the loan.

Explain how mobile truck shops work.

Describe how money/moni lenders make money/moni and explain the term “loan sharks”.

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