The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Digital Technologies

Digital media production: Create your character

Before undertaking this activity do the following activities first:

Record keeping
Make sure you keep good records of your technological processes. Record keeping can be oral, graphical, written, and/or electronic, depending on your needs.

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Social Sciences

Every New Zealander has the right to a decent home

In pairs, explain your top three criteria for a what makes a home good to live in. Rank them in order of priority.

Compare a traditional marae to an urban marae. Discuss the ways marae reflect changing needs over time.

Analyse the benefits of communal/community living and ways that this approach could help in a housing crisis.

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Social Sciences

Financial decision making

Explain how credit cards work.

Discuss whether using a pay later option is the same as getting into debt/nama. Explore the reasons that people use pay later options.

Explain how hire purchase works.

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Social Sciences

Financial identity in my community

Use a community profiler such as Infometrics to analyse patterns in your community. For example, how many people are retired? How many people own their own homes or are renting? What is the average income of the community?

Discuss ways that economic assets in your local area affect the financial identity of your community.

Interview people in your community about what shapes their money/moni choices, for example, spending and saving/te whakaputu, budgeting/tahua, setting financial goals/whāinga paetae and managing debt/nama.

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Financial wellbeing

Explain how stress and financial insecurity are related. Complete The impacts of financial stress.

Decide which areas of well being/hauora might be affected by financial stress and explain these examples.

Use these examples to complete Impacts on Hauora: Te whare tapa whā. Health resource 1: Section 3: Haurora: The Maori concept of holistic health

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Social Sciences

Government assisted housing initiatives

Make a timeline for the development of social housing in New Zealand.

Explain the history and purpose of a state house/whare.

Explain how Kiwibuild works.

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