The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Social Sciences

Groups and organisations

Compare the ways the groups/organisations in your community manage their finances with the ways your whānau manages their finances. Explain any similarities and differences.

The National Financial Strategy for Financial Literacy states that 37% of people get financial advice from family, relatives, or friends. Explain why some people choose to get financial advice from people they know rather than from financial experts.

Explain the factors that might lead to someone borrowing money/moni from a loan shark.

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Healthy, wealthy and wise

Explain factors that result in elderly people needing support. How do these link to the hauora model and financial wellbeing?. Use this information from The Human Rights Commission as a guide.

Explain how community organisations support retired people in your community.

View this article and video on Alzheimer's, this CNN video, and a Hogeweyk article about a Dutch community facility for older people. Explain how this community functions. Analyse the strategies used to promote the wellbeing of the residents, including their financial wellbeing.

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Social Sciences

Housing for the elderly

Interview a grandparent or retired person about their housing requirements. Thisinterview resource provides examples of questions you can use. Contact your grandparent/retiree and arrange a time for an interview or online chat.

This interview resource provides examples of questions you can use. Record the interview and share your findings with your class. Look at the advice that this person has shared with you and your generation. Explain why you think these were important ideas that they shared with you.

Read this article about elderly people choosing to flat. Compare two housing options for elderly people.

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Insurance/inihua - knowing your options

Calculate the contents value of your tiny house/whare.

Compare the price of contents insurance/inihua from two or more insurance/inihua providers. CanStar Blue Rating website can help you to find different providers.

Analyse the impact of changing the excess of a contents insurance/inihua policy.

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Investing - learning when and what to invest

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your investor personality. Explain why you have classified them this way.

Compare the interest rates offered for different saving options, for example, term deposits, shares, and KiwiSaver.

Calculate the potential return (money earned from investment/whakangao), or at least two types of investments/whakangao, for example, savings accounts, term deposits, bonds or shares. 

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Managing debt

Explain why borrowing can be risky if your circumstances change.

Compare a range of interest rates from a range of different lenders.

Explain the difference between “good” debt and “bad” debt

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