The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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Banks want your business

Rank a set of four bank marketing materials in terms of their:

  • use of colour
  • composition
  • language
  • tone
  • mood.

Identify which bank materials would appeal most to teenagers and explain why.


Banks want your business

Evaluate your findings from your study of bank marketing materials. Recommend ways that banks could make their marketing materials more appealing for young people.

Make a generalisation about the types of messages that banks give young people.

Social Sciences

Community responses to housing issues

Homelessness is an issue that impacts on individuals, families and whānau, communities, and New Zealand society as a whole.

Read this article about the homelessness in Whanganui.

Define homelessness and discuss whether it is an issue in your community.

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Social Sciences

Community responses to housing issues

Read these approaches and responses to community housing issues:

Select one approach from above that you could see having benefits in your community, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the approach.

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Social Sciences

Community responses to housing issues

Design and plan for a communal living option for elderly people in your community. Base your ideas any of the completed tasks below:

  • Your interview with a grandparent or elderly person
  • Your interview with a local councillor
  • The Future Brief 
  • Your investigations into life on a marae and within
  • A Sāmoan village
  • Your exploration of futuristic housing options.

If retired people are depending only on their  weekly NZ Super payment then you need to think of ways to make the cost of power, heating and water more affordable.

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Creating healthy wealth

Complete Thinklinker #1:  The Metre ruler activity. Identify factors that shape your financial needs at different life stages.

Complete this survey. Identify factors that influenced your financial wellbeing score.

Watch these videos discussing factors that make a wealthy life. Define what a wealthy life means to you.

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