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Learn more about the development and implementation of the programme and the launch of the pilot for years 9-10 for the New Zealand Curriculum.

Sorted in Schools has a dedicated team you can contact for any programme and pilot enquiries, email us at

The learning packages

When will the resources be available for the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC)?

The resources are available now! The NZC pilot for years 9–10 starts on Monday, 15 October, which is the first day of Term 4, 2018. The first learning package covers:

  • Debt glossary
  • Savings
  • Managing my money
  • Goal setting

In 2019, the second learning package will be developed for years 9–10, and will cover: 

  • Insurance
  • KiwiSaver
  • Investing
  • Retirement

By the end of 2019, the programme for years 9–10 will be completed. The Māori Medium Education programme is currently being developed and will be piloted for years 9–10 in Term 1, 2019. During 2019–21, learning packages will also be developed for years 11–13. 

Who can access and use resources?

Sorted in Schools resources are designed for the New Zealand Curriculum and for the Māori Medium Education framework, and are designed to be used by any school type or kura. 

As the resources are available online, they can also be accessed and used by school trustees, other educators, trainers, communities, whānau, youth workers and industry experts. Sorted in Schools resources link through to our Sorted website, which offers free, impartial information and tools to help manage money throughout life.

How much does the programme or the resources cost?

Sorted in Schools is a government-funded programme, and is free for all schools and kura.

Are there offline resources available?

Sorted in Schools is an online educational programme, however many resources can be downloaded and used in an offline environment.

Can I order a print version of resources?

All Sorted in Schools resources are available online via this website; we don't currently offer print versions of resources.

How do I use the resources?

Sorted in Schools resources can support both teacher-led or self-directed student learning. They include support materials for teachers to assist their students' learning in class and at home.

There are also reading materials and external links to support conversations and learning, which can be adapted to suit individual circumstances. The resources are designed to be adaptable to allow for personal learning so that teachers can support their students when choosing the direction and the pace of their learning.

Teachers also control when and how the content is delivered within their learning area or themes, and for how long.

What language are the resources available in?

Sorted in School resources for the New Zealand Curriculum are in English. Sorted in School resources for Māori Medium Education are in te reo Māori.

Can students gain credits?

The resources for years 9–10 students won't attract credits. When the programme is developed for years 11–13, students will be able to gain credits. The mix of achievement standards and unit standards will be determined and will be in line with the recommendations of the NCEA review in 2019.

Topics for years 11–13 will be the same eight topics as being developed for years 9–10.

How will the NCEA review effect Sorted in Schools?

The programme will be developed for years 11–13 starting in 2019 and will be in line with the recommendations of the NCEA review. This will guide how the programme for years 11–13 will be developed, including determining the mix of achievement standards and unit standards. 

The NZC pilot 

How do I sign up for the pilot?

Register for the years 9–10 pilot for the New Zealand Curriculum. 

When does the pilot begin?

The pilot will start on the first day of Term 4 on Monday, 15 October 2018 and run for five weeks until Friday, 16 November. After that we'll be seeking feedback from teachers, schools, kura and students on the resources. 

Can we sign up for the pilot once it’s started?

Yes, you can join the pilot at any stage before the pilot ends on Friday, 16 November. Your school or kura can trial the resources for any span of time within the pilot period, and across any or all of the four learning areas.

What if we signed up for the pilot, but our circumstances have changed?

No problem, please email us to let us know. You can re-join Sorted in Schools whenever you're ready.

Can we access the resources after the pilot ends?

Yes, the learning resources will still be available after the pilot. However, the evaluation of the pilot resources runs from Monday, 15 October to Friday, 16 November. 


Can I give feedback on the resources?

Yes, please! Sorted in Schools is committed to your engagement and feedback. We want this to be a programme teachers love teaching and one students want to be involved with.

Thank you to the teachers and students who have already provided feedback. It's helping us shape some key aspects of the programme. Continued feedback will play an integral role in ensuring Sorted in Schools is a relevant and successful programme.

Please email us anytime at with questions, feedback and suggestions. 

Who can provide feedback?

Everyone! Teachers, students, schools, kura, trustees, other educators, trainers, communities, whānau, youth workers and industry experts. Please tell us what you like, as well as areas for improvement.

Who do I contact for support?

Contact the dedicated Sorted in Schools team

How do I sign up for information about the programme?

Register for the Sorted in Schools newsletter and for opportunities to shape the programme and we'll be in touch.

Who do I contact for general enquires about the programme?

Please email us or send your enquiry through our online form.

Who do I contact for media enquiries?

Please contact Estelle Sarney, Media Manager, on 021 246 4302 or email: estelle.sarney@cffc glossary

Sorted booklets and tools

Can we use the Sorted booklets?

Yes, you can use Sorted booklets to support the teaching and learning of financial capability. They're available digitally, and printed copies can be ordered through the Sorted website. There are also Sorted booklets available in te reo Māori.

Can we use other Sorted tools?

Of course! Feel free to utilise Sorted tools to support your teaching and learning. Have a look at the tools available

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