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Sorted in Schools is a free financial capability programme fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

Discussion Starter

This tool serves up discussion points about money/moni that can be difficult to talk about. It allows for various ways of learning and can be useful to start or finish a lesson.
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Questions are a good way to explore behind the scenes, learn about the perspectives of others, and gain new insights about values, knowledge, skills, and behaviours. In many settings it's difficult to talk about money/moni, and the Discussion Starter allows students to explore the questions we sometimes don’t want to ask or don’t know how to ask.

The Discussion Starter can be used in many ways:
  • Teachers or students can use the Discussion Starter to start or finish a lesson. The questions are designed to promote conversations and encourage responses. They include examples or prior knowledge that can be shared with others. Have students work in groups of three or four
  • Draw three columns on a large sheet of paper with the headings. As students generate responses for each question they can categorise their responses under each heading. Share their lists with the class
  • Draw a noughts and crosses board. Generate and record nine questions and place one in each of the nine spaces. Students in small groups can complete a set of three questions over a week, completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on the board
  • Have students formulate questions, based on their learning, to make either a quiz on Kahoot! or their own question generator for sharing with others.

When students get a question they have previously had, they can opt to generate another question. They can have a maximum of three opportunities to generate new questions and must answer the third question. This is one way of differentiating the curriculum.

Should you require more in-depth questions, thinking, and outcomes, refer to the thinklinkers resource, which is built into the resource of each learning area. This resource can also be accessed as a separate learning activity.

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 View and download our Discussion Starters for both packages.

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