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Explore our wide range of resources to build financial capability knowledge and skills.

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About Us

Sorted in Schools is a free financial capability programme fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

About us

Sorted in Schools is a free financial capability programme fully aligned to the National Curriculum.
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What is Sorted in Schools?

We’re equipping all young people for their financial future, embedding good money habits early on.

Sorted in Schools, Te whai hua – kia ora, is:

  • A financial capability teaching and learning programme
  • Government funded and free for all secondary schools
  • Designed by teachers for teachers
  • Available for both English Medium and Māori Medium Education.

Free Resources

We have a full suite of resources available free to all secondary school students (years 9-13). Our resources are aligned to both the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and Māori Medium Education (MME).The resources cover topics ranging from debt and money management, to KiwiSaver and insurance .

'Our resources include learning and assessment materials for NCEA Unit Standard levels 1 to 3 and Achievement Standard levels 1 and 2.

Please click on the following to access our resources:

English Medium Education Māori Medium Education

Why financial capability matters

Being good with money is an essential life skill. Financial capability means being equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make good financial decisions at each life stage, and attain goals with choices. Research shows that 16-24 year olds are, however, vulnerable to falling into debt that can hold them back. In addition, over 80% of school leavers told us they wished they had learned more about money at school.

We’re changing that! 

Our teaching and learning packages equip students with know-how to start their financial journey on the right foot. The earlier people become good with money, the better they will fare throughout their lives

Keen to know more?

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Māori Medium Education

Written in te reo Māori with resources aligned to Te Marautanga o Te Aho Matua and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

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