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Our learning and assessment materials help set secondary students up to make good future financial decisions.

All resources are:

What's included

All learning is student-centered and supports individual learning plans based on students selected future tertiary education, workplace learning or industry of choice. The learning and assessment materials engage students to help them gain:

  • key competencies valued by employers
  • connections to the world of work through contextualised learning
  • the confidence and capability to transition from school into the wider world of future education, training, or employment.

For each module, the following resources are available for teachers and students to use:

  • teacher resources to guide learning and assessment materials which include an overview of modules and teaching guidelines.
  • student resources that support understanding the achievement objectives required to meet the standard(s). This information is shared through a student booklet and practice booklet (for achievement standards only) with engaging and meaningful content and activities.
  • video resources to inspire students to engage in real life financial situations and unpack ideas and contexts of the standards’ learning materials.
  • assessment resources that assess the student's learning and give them the opportunity to gain credits towards the NCEA certificate qualification.

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Overview Unit Standards

NCEA Level 1

Module title: Ages and Stages

US 28087 version 4
Demonstrate understanding of the effect of life stages on personal income.

Credits: 3

Themes: Retirement, Investing, Saving, KiwiSaver

Module title: Credit and Debt

US 28088 version 3
Demonstrate understanding of credit and debt on personal finances.

Credits: 3

Themes: Debt

Module title: Goal Getters

US 28089 version 4
Demonstrate understanding of personal financial goal setting. 

Credits: 3

Themes: Goals, Saving, Managing my Money

Module Title: Future Focus

Unit Standard 28090 version 4
Demonstrate knowledge of personal saving and investment options for given scenario(s).

Credits: 4

Themes: Saving, Investing, KiwiSaver


NCEA Level 2

Module title: Riding Life's Waves

US 28092 version 4
Analyse the effect of significant life events at different stages on personal financial income.

Credits: 3

Themes: Retirement, Saving, KiwiSaver, Goals, Managing my Money, Insurance

Module title: Funding Study

US 28093 version 4
Describe financial responsibilities and consequences of tertiary study funding options.

Credits: 3

Themes: Debt, Investing, Goals

Module title: Investment Options 

US 28095 version 4
Analyse personal financial investment options.

Credits: 3

Themes: Saving, Investing, KiwiSaver

Module title: Keeping Ourselves Covered

Unit Standard 28096 version 4
Demonstrate understanding of insurance products for personal financial capability.

Credits: 3

Themes: Insurance

Module title: Budgeting and Goal Setting

Unit Standard 28094 version 4
Produce a household budget, set a financial goal, and review and adjust the budget to achieve the goal.

Credits: 3

Themes: Investing, KiwiSaver, Managing My Money, Saving


NCEA Level 3

Module title: Personal Income

US 28098 version 4
Evaluate options to increase personal income.

Credits: 3

Themes: Goals, KiwiSaver, Managing My Money, Retirement, Saving

Module title: Evaluate credit options and select debt management strategies to manage personal finances

US 28099 version 3
Assessment Materials only. This module is the companion of the Level 1 US28088 module ‘Credit and Debt’ and the Level 2 US28093 module ‘Funding Study’.

Credits: 3

Themes: Debt, Goals, Investing

Module title: Develop a plan to show how a budget contributes to achieving a long-term personal financial goal

US 28100 version 4
Assessment Materials only. This module is the companion of the Level 1 US28089 module ‘Goal Getters’ and the Level 2 US28094 module ‘Budgeting and Goal Setting’.

Credits: 4

Themes: Goals, Managing My Money, Saving

Module title: Analyse and select personal financing options for purchasing a property

US 28103 version 3
Assessment Materials only. This module is the companion of the Level 1 US28090 module ‘Future Focus’ and the Level 2 US28095 module ‘Investment Options’.

Credits: 4

Themes: Investing, KiwiSaver, Saving

Module title: Impacts on My Finances

US 28104 version 3
Analyse external risk factors and select strategies to manage their impact on personal finances

Credits: 3

Themes: Goals, Managing My Money

Overview Achievement Standards 

NCEA Level 2

Module title: Questionnaire Design

AS 91263

Design a questionnaire

3 credits

Themes: Saving, KiwiSaver, Investing

Module title: Statistical Inference 

AS 91264

Use statistical methods to make an inference

4 credits

Themes: KiwiSaver, Retirement, Managing my Money

Module title: Statistical Reports 

AS 91266

Evaluate a statistical based report

2 credits

Themes: KiwiSaver, Retirement, Investing

Module title: Economic Data, Issues, and Analysis

AS 91226

Analyse statistical data relating to two contemporary economic issues

4 credits

Themes: Investing, KiwiSaver, Retirement

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