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The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.
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Unit Standard 28095
Analyse personal financial investment options

Credits: 3
Version: 3

Investment Options

In this module students need to analyse two personal financial investment options: KiwiSaver and one other option. This module focuses on KiwiSaver, shares, bonds, term deposits and managed funds. Teachers could also explore the benefits of other forms of investment, such as buying a property, with their students.

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Unit Standard 28096
Demonstrate understanding of insurance products for personal financial capability

Version: 3
Credits: 3

Keeping Ourselves Covered
This module supports students understanding of a variety of insurance types and helps develop their understanding of insurance terminology and policies.

We would love to hear from you in this survey about how the learning materials have worked for you and your students. All feedback received will be used to inform any future updates.

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Advertising - how does it capture us?

Read and discuss Future Brief 3.

Describe the purpose of ads. List different ways that advertisers reach people.

View this slide presentation for an overview of the features used in static images.

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Advertising - how does it capture us?

View the top ten NZ ads ever made and identify similarities and differences. Explain why these ads are so popular.

As a class, select a group of ads.
Working in a group of four, choose four ads.

Critique the ads based on their:

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Advertising - how does it capture us?

Advertising competition

Imagine that you are the brand manager of a company. Your aim is to grow your customer base to include 14–16 year olds.

  • Choose an innovative product that will appeal to teenagers. This product could be an item of technology, fashion or food or an app.
  • Design an advertising campaign that will appeal to your target audience (14-16 year olds).
  • Present your campaign to your class.
Am I a spender or a saver?

Describe your spending habits and identify whether you are a spender or a saver.

  • Do you tend to save money/moni or spend it?
  • Do you share your money/moni with anyone?
  • What do you tend to spend money/moni on?
  • Are you an impulse buyer or do you think carefully before spending money/moni?

Take the Sorted money personality quiz.

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