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Understanding financial identity

Compare your definitions of wealth with those of your classmates.

Take the Sorted money personality test. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your money/moni personality. Explain how you might work to improve any areas of weakness.

Have five friends or whānau members take the Sorted money/moni personality test and ask them to record five ways they have demonstrated their money/moni personality in the last month.

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Understanding financial identity

Create a class definition of wealth that includes ideas about spending, saving/te whakaputu, and well-being.

Keep a spending diary (or use the Smith family planner) for one month. Analyse your weekly spending or the spending of someone in your household. Enter your class data into Survey Monkey to see whether there are any patterns.

Identify opportunities for goal setting/whāinga paetae or saving/te whakaputu and make a commitment to one of these. Justify your choice and gather evidence to show the progress you have made after a set amount of time.

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Achievement Standard 91264
Use statistical methods to make an inference

Version: 3
Credits: 4

Statistical Inference
This module allows students to learn about gender pay gap, with a particular focus on how this may affect New Zealander’s contributions to their chosen KiwiSaver fund. Students will explore about several factors which contribute to the gender pay gap and make sense how these can attribute to the gender investment gap. Students explore these factors and make predictions through using statistical inference skills.

Please tell us in this survey how this learning module has worked for you and your students. All feedback received will be used to inform any future updates.

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