About us

Sorted in Schools is the first free financial capability programme fully aligned to the National Curriculum.

Sorted in Schools' vision is to equip all young New Zealanders for their financial futures.

To achieve this, the government chose CFFC to develop and roll out a programme to support the teaching and learning of financial capability in schools and kura.

We named the programme Sorted in Schools to expand upon CFFC's trusted Sorted brand and website sorted.org.nz.

A 2017 CFFC-led survey showed 82% of school leavers wanted to learn about money/moni in class. The topics most requested were money management (budgeting) and borrowing money, or loans.

The teaching and learning packages

All the teaching and learning resources for Sorted in Schools are fully aligned to the National Curriculum. They're accessible only via this website and many of the resources can be downloaded and used offline.

Functionality on the site allows teachers to create a personalised dashboard, which allows them to save and share resources so they can better plan their financial capability lessons.

A key success measure for the programme is to ensure all young New Zealanders have equitable access to financial capability education. To achieve this, we’ll gradually release eight teaching and learning packages for secondary school years 9-13 between 2019-2021.

We’ll develop four packages in English and four te reo Māori. We've started with years 9-10 for both the New Zealand Curriculum and Māori Medium Education.


Why teach financial capability?

Our young people are digital natives, meaning they have never lived in a world where Facebook, online shopping and online banking didn’t exist. Gaining access to credit and third tier lending has never been easier than it is today. We need to ensure our young people leave school confident about money/moni and how to make it work for them.

They're also growing up in a time of unprecedented change for New Zealand, within an ageing population. School leavers need knowledge and skills to help them make good decisions at each life stage, and arrive at retirement in good financial shape. The earlier they start being good with money/moni, the better.

We want students to leave school confident about money/moni and aware of the implications of their choices, setting them on a path to a healthy, sustainable financial future.

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