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About us

The vision of Sorted in Schools is to equip all young New Zealanders for their financial futures.

To achieve this, the government chose CFFC glossary to develop and roll out a programme over four years to support the teaching and learning of financial capability in schools and kura.

A 2017 CFFC glossary -led survey showed 82% of school leavers wanted to learn about money in class. The topics most requested were money management (budgeting) and borrowing money, or loans.

The resources developed for Sorted in Schools are aligned to the achievement objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum and Māori Medium Education.

The programme was named Sorted in Schools to expand upon CFFC glossary 's trusted Sorted brand and website

The learning packages

To provide a foundation level of financial capability, eight topics will be delivered across two learning packages for years 9–10 during 2018–2019. 

The first package will cover the topics debt glossary , saving, managing my money and goal setting. While, the second package will cover insurance, retirement, KiwiSaver and investing.

Resources for Māori Medium Education will pilot in Term 1, 2019 and will be implemented nationwide later in 2019. The Sorted in Schools learning resources are being co-constructed with teachers.

Why financial capability?

Financial capability is about making informed and effective decisions about how we use and manage money. Online shopping, gaming and easy access to credit mean our young people are faced with financial choices from an early age.

We need young people to leave school confident about money and how to make it work for them. School leavers face many financial decisions as they sign up for mobile plans, take out student loans, move into a shared flat for the first time, and much more.

Young people need a clear understanding of the implications of their financial choices, how to make good decisions about debt glossary , and how to develop the skills needed to live a financially healthy life.

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