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Student schedule

This schedule allows students to track learning from week to week, and can be adopted to suit timetables and the school programme.

Cut and paste your planned learning experiences from the teaching and learning plan. This learning schedule can be adapted to suit student timetables and school programmes.

An example of a student learning schedule:


Activate prior knowledge. This is the starting point for new learning about your financial identity glossary .

Learning experiences include:

Link your ideas and make connections to build new knowledge and understandings about your financial identity glossary . Learn about the perspectives and insights of others.

Learning experiences include:

Extend your learning by applying it to new contexts. Find evidence, validate sources and summarise your thinking.  Present your findings to clarify your financial identity glossary .

Learning experiences include:

Week 1

Define financial identity glossary . What are your values, attitudes, behaviours, and skills regarding money?

View the video Culture Is a Beautiful Thing. Discuss Tala’s responses to her memories about money and her views about family values.

Week 1

Explain the factors that might have influenced your values, attitudes, behaviours and skills regarding money.

View the video Pacific Voices: Family Is Everything and compare Lisa and her mum’s views about money with your family’s views.

Week 1

Create a podcast or video of a person from a culture different to yours and interview them to explore their financial values.

Week 2

Describe your money personality glossary . How do you react to sales and advertising? Do you have any strategies you use before you buy something? Are you an impulse buyer?

Take the $orted Money Personality glossary test.

Describe the money personalities of the people in your home. Have them take the $orted Money Personality glossary test. Did you accurately predict their money personalities?

Week 2

Interview a person from another generation. Prepare five questions about their perspectives on money. Record and transcribe your interview.

Week 2

Keep a spending diary for one month. Analyse your weekly spend. Enter your data onto SurveyMonkey. Can you see any areas for goal setting or possible savings?


Justify your decisions and show evidence you can undertake a plan of goal setting or saving for an agreed period.

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