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Your students could win a share of $15K worth of prizes for your school.

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With thousands of families and students affected by COVID-19, we have extended the deadline for Money Jam entries. The new closing date is Friday 1 May 2020 but we will review this near the end of April. The prize draw for our $500 Rockshop and Rebel Sport vouchers will now take place at the end of the competition.

We hope this extension will allow more time for your students to collaborate and participate either while schools are closed or when they eventually reopen. Please keep safe and well and we can’t wait to see your entries!


Let’s Jam

Money Jam is an interactive contest designed to change how young New Zealanders think about managing their money.

Between now until Friday 1 May, we’re encouraging students to create a plan and budget for an experience – like an epic sports trip or social event – and submit their idea for the chance to win a range of prizes for your school. There are two major prizes of $5,000 (to bring the two winning experiences to life), plus $500 Rockshop and Rebel Sport vouchers to be won..

To enter, choose the experience your students would most like to create from the options below and download the relevant Money Jam resource. Don’t forget to upload your entry before Friday 1 May for the chance to win.


Step 2: Submit your entry

Follow these steps to complete your entry:

  • Download one of the Money Jam resources above
  • Get your students to come up with a plan and budget for an event
  • Include everything you can think of to make your entry stand out
  • Upload files and enter by clicking below

Money Jam entries should only be submitted by teachers and you must be registered for Sorted in Schools to enter.

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Entry Top Tips

Check out these tips for some inspiration to help your students’ entries shine and remember to include all the things our judges are looking for!

  • Budget as accurately and with as much detail as required on each of the costs to organise your chosen experience.
  • Think about travel or food costs for your event - any innovative ways to save money will score extra points with our judges!
  • Try and present the plan for your event in a way that elevates it above the competition. You could design a logo and include supporting images or even a video to help.
  • It’s the little details that will set your entry apart from others, so find ways to showcase how every aspect of your event has been considered and planned out.


Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • The description of their experience, why it’s important to them and why they think they should win
  • Their explanation of how they budgeted for their experience and the choices that they made
  • Their budget and whether it’s comprehensive, realistic and – most importantly – under budget
  • Innovative and outside-the-box ideas for bringing their experience in under budget
  • Whether they submit anything additional to bring their idea to life

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Who can enter Money Jam?

Teachers should enter on behalf of their students, and must be from a MoE recognised school and registered for Sorted in Schools.

What prizes can we win?

Submit your entry for the chance to win 1 of 2 events to the value of $5,000 each, plus spot prizes of 5 x $500 Rebel Sport and 5 x $500 Rockshop vouchers.

Do we have to plan a sports trip or social event?

No, you can dream up an event of any kind (e.g. a Marae trip, an art exhibition, or another idea) and use the ‘Something else’ option above to download the relevant Money Jam resource.

What size groups should students work in to plan their events?

The activities are designed for a group of 6-8 students. However, events planned may include anything from a small group of students (i.e. sports trip) to your entire school. It’s up to you.

How many times can I enter?

Students are encouraged to work in small groups, so teachers can submit multiple entries from the same class. You’ll be asked if you would like to upload more submissions after you upload your first entry to Money Jam.

When do entries close?

Entries will close at 11.59pm on Friday 1 May 2020.

How will I find out if I’ve won?

We’ll contact our winners via email before we make the big announcement. Winners will be announced on our website, by email to teachers registered with Sorted in Schools, and in our teacher/kaiako group on Facebook.

What is Sorted in Schools?

Sorted in Schools is a free financial capability programme aimed at equipping young New Zealanders for their financial future. Click here to find out more.

What is Global Money Week?

Global Money Week (GMW) is an annual financial awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.

When does the winning event or trip need to take place?

There’s no specific date that the prize needs to be set for and it’ll be up to the winning school to choose when and if it’s appropriate to run the event or trip.

What if we can’t organise the prize trip or event due to COVID-19 restrictions?

If the $5000 is paid to the winning school and they decide that organising the event or trip will be impractical for health reasons, the school will need to notify us. We’ll then use our discretion to make a call on whether it’s appropriate for the school to use the prize money for something else (like sports or IT equipment). See our T&Cs for more.

As the schools are closed due to COVID-19, is Money Jam still going ahead?

At this point we are continuing as planned; however, we have extended the deadline for entries to Friday 1 May.  This is will allow more time for students to collaborate and participate either while schools are closed or when they eventually reopen.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch with us at and we’d be happy to help.


Money Jam terms and conditions.


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