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The resources in this area can be used independently or in groups to build financial capability knowledge and skills.
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Achievement Standard 91026
Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems

Version: 3 
Credits: 4 

Money Matters
The Money Matters module helps students learn about financial decision making when it comes to money and using their number knowledge skills to communicate how they made their decisions. Some of the contexts that they will explore are working out what percentage of their pay they want to/can invest in KiwiSaver, how to manage bills in a flat situation using ratio and how to consolidate their debts.

Please tell us in this survey how this learning module has worked for you and your students. All feedback received will be used to inform any future updates.

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Designing a tiny house

Think about your house/whare and the spaces that are in it. List the areas that are most important to you.

Describe the spaces that you spend the most time in each day.

Define tiny house/whare. Identify the floor area of most tiny houses/whare. Read Build Tiny NZ for more information.

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Designing a tiny house

Compare and contrast the way space is used in a tiny home with the way it is used in a larger home.

Interview a grandparent or retired person about what it is like to be retired. Ask questions about how and where they live (living arrangements) have changed. Record your interview. 

Make connections between the needs of a retired person and your tiny house/whare design.

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Designing a tiny house

Create a draft plan of a tiny house/whare. Include a floor plan that identifies key features.

Create a final plan of a tiny house/whare. Include a floor plan layout that meets necessary specifications. Include your calculations of surface area and volume.

Use the activity brief to evaluate your final tiny house/whare plan. Justify its layout and include any calculations you have made. Get feedback from the grandparent or retired person you interviewed and include this in your evaluation.

Insurance/inihua - knowing your options

Read this article and list the different types of insurance/inihua in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Describe different types of house/whare and contents insurance/inihua in Aotearoa New Zealand: Insurance Council of New Zealand website.

Watch Insuring Your Assets - WestPac NZ.

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Insurance/inihua - knowing your options

Calculate the contents value of your tiny house/whare.

Compare the price of contents insurance/inihua from two or more insurance/inihua providers. CanStar Blue Rating website can help you to find different providers.

Analyse the impact of changing the excess of a contents insurance/inihua policy.

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