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How to use Thinklinkers

These three steps to deeper questioning give students new perspectives, understandings, and insights into national and global views of money/moni that may impact on their financial capability.

The thinklinkers are thinking tools that support the teaching and learning resources. They're designed to promote deeper learning outcomes through thought-provoking questions.

They're aligned to the framework, Need it/ Know it, Link it/ Think it, and Extend it/ Defend it, used in the learning and teaching resources.

Thinklinkers can be used for general discussion or as learning experiences where students may have to do more reading and research to progress through the three questions. They can be downloaded and used as a separate resource.

Several of the thinklinkers have a global perspective that connects to issues that might have an impact on the students’ own financial capabilities. Some also have a cultural perspective that promotes new insights and understandings.

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Māori Medium Education

Written in te reo Māori with resources aligned to Te Marautanga o Te Aho Matua and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

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